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Family-friendly bathroom design ideas | Bathroom Takeaway

Family-friendly bathroom design ideas | Bathroom Takeaway
Zoe G
Written By: | Marketing & Account Manager
Last Updated Sep 2,2022

Designing a bathroom that’s suitable for use by multiple members of your household is never an easy task. With different family members needing so many different things from a bathroom, it can be overwhelming deciding how to design your bathroom.

But, that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible! We’ve got plenty of family bathroom inspiration for you to ensure that everyone can make the most of the space.

How do you make a bathroom family-friendly?

Making sure that you have everything everyone needs in one place is imperative when designing your family bathroom. There are a few things that you should consider as non-negotiable.

A bathtub

Most of the time, the family bathroom is the only space in the home that has a bathtub. This can be either a freestanding bath, a straight bath or a corner bath.

Having a bath within your home can make bath time for young children a lot easier. They can sit and play whilst washing, instead of standing in a shower.

We also think that grown-ups deserve a bath too! It can be hugely relaxing at the end of a long day and gives you a chance to unwind.

If you’re short on space within your bathroom, we also offer small baths. Giving you the freedom of a bathtub, without taking up a huge amount of space.

A shower

Of course, along with a bathtub we recommend a shower. We love a walk-in shower, as they’re easier to access for those with mobility issues.

However, a shower over bath also works - although we suggest using shower screens instead of curtains as they’re easy to clean and child friendly, there’s no risk of slipping and getting caught in the curtain!

A toilet and sink

It's no brainer that within any bathroom you need a toilet and a sink. There are plenty of toilet options to choose from, all depending on your interior design style.

The same goes with a washing basin, choose from a counter top basin, a full pedestal basin or a semi pedestal basin.

If you’re planning on a small bathroom, we also stock secret bathroom storage. Finding somewhere to put everyone’s belongings in a family bathroom is difficult! With so many products for each family member, there’s just no room to leave it all on the side!

We recommend using a wall mounted vanity unit or bathroom cabinet to store away all your products. This also gives you the peace of mind that potentially harmful products are out of little one’s grasp.

If wall mounted isn’t an option for you, then we have plenty of bathroom storage options that sit on the floor.

For more bathroom storage ideas, discover our blog post on Bathroom Storage Solutions.

Contemporary family bathroom ideas

Now that we’ve got all the essentials out the way, we’ve got some tips for giving your family bathroom a more contemporary look.

The best way to do this is to make use of bathroom accessories! Something as simple as updating the colour of your towel rail can really update your space into a more contemporary bathroom. We love a heated towel rail, they look so chic and keep your towels warm and dry.

Discover how a simple monochrome look can bring your bathroom up to date with our Monochrome Bathroom Style Guide.
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Zoe G

Marketing & Account Manager