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Blog | Bathroom Takeaway

  • How To Remove Paint From Radiators

    Discover the best techniques, recommended tools, and expert tips for a successful radiator paint removal, allowing you to achieve a fresh and vibrant look for your heating system.
    May 31,2023
  • Can You Paint Radiators? A Comprehensive Guide

    Discover the dos and don'ts of painting radiators. Learn about suitable paint types, step-by-step instructions, and tips for a flawless finish.
    May 29,2023
  • How to Remove Radiator Covers: A Comprehensive Guide

    Learn how to remove radiator covers, including those with clips, and different types like screw-on, snap-on, and magnetic covers. A comprehensive guide for hassle-free removal!
    May 26,2023
  • Does turning off radiators save money?

    Discover the money-saving benefits of turning off radiators in unused rooms. Save on energy bills, reduce your carbon footprint, and create a more efficient and sustainable home heating system.
    May 24,2023
  • How to balance a radiator

    Achieve optimal heating by learning how to balance a radiator with a 12-degree temperature differential. Follow our step-by-step guide for efficient temperature distribution.
    May 22,2023
  • How To Remove Sludge From Radiator

    Learn how to remove sludge from radiators with step-by-step instructions. Discover the benefits of radiator sludge removal and ensure optimal functioning of your heating system.
    May 19,2023
  • How To Clean a Radiator

    Learn how to clean your radiator like a pro with our step-by-step guide. From removing mould and limescale to tackling rust and streaks, discover the essential tips and tools you need for optimal radiator performance.
    May 17,2023
  • How to remove a radiator: A step-by-step complete guide

    Learn how to remove a radiator with this comprehensive step-by-step guide. Get expert instructions for a smooth and hassle-free radiator removal process.
    May 15,2023
  • How To Unblock Your Shower Drain

    Is your shower draining slowly or not at all? Don't panic! Our comprehensive guide to unblocking a shower drain has got you covered. From DIY methods using common household items to more advanced techniques, we'll show you step-by-step how to get your shower drain flowing freely again.
    May 12,2023
  • Bathroom Feature Wall Ideas

    Looking to add some style and personality to your bathroom? Check out our top 10 bathroom feature wall ideas for inspiration.
    May 10,2023
  • Do Radiator Covers Stop Heat?

    Looking to add some style to your home's heating system? Read our detailed blog post on the pros and cons of radiator covers, including their impact on heat output and safety concerns.
    May 8,2023
  • Cold shower benefits: Should you take cold showers

    Are you interested in trying out cold showers? Discover the surprising health benefits of taking cold showers, from boosting your immune system to improving your mood and energy levels.
    May 5,2023
  • How Much Does A Heated Towel Rail Cost To Run?

    Curious about the cost of running a heated towel rail? We've got you covered! Our blog post breaks down the expenses associated with heated towel rails.
    May 4,2023
  • How To Increase Water Pressure In The Shower

    Looking for ways to increase the water pressure in your shower? Check out our comprehensive guide for tips and tricks on how to improve your shower experience. From fixing common issues to upgrading your plumbing system, we've got you covered.
    May 3,2023
  • How Much Does It Cost To Move A Radiator?

    If you are planning to move your radiators, you are probably wondering how much it is likely to set you back. Discover how easy it is to move a radiator and the factors that might affect the overall cost.
    Apr 28,2023
  • What Size Radiator Do I Need? | Bathroom Takeaway

    The size of the radiator you need will depend on the room. Discover how to work out what size of radiator you need, and make sure you achieve the perfect level of warmth and comfort in your home.
    Apr 27,2023
  • How To Use Heated Towel Rails: A Comprehensive Guide

    At Bathroom Takeaway, we want to make sure you are getting the very best heated towel rail performance possible. Discover our comprehensive guide to learn about all the essentials surrounding heated towel rails and how they work.
    Apr 27,2023
  • How Often Should A Landlord Replace A Bathroom In The UK?

    Do you wonder what landlord bathroom requirements actually exist? And how often should housing association bathrooms be replaced? Find out how often a landlord should replace a bathroom and other similar landlord bathroom queries.
    Apr 26,2023
  • How to unblock a toilet UK | Bathroom Takeaway

    Don't panic if you have a blocked toilet on your hands. Find out the methods you can try to unblock your toilet before you call a plumber.
    Apr 26,2023
  • How To Clean Heated Towel Rails | Bathroom Takeaway

    Regular maintenance of your bathroom radiator will keep it looking smart and sleek. Discover how to clean your heated towel rail, and which products you should be steering clear of.
    Apr 25,2023
  • How to Measure a Radiator | Bathroom Takeaway

    If you are upgrading your home heating setup, it is essential to know how to measure a radiator for replacement. This blog will help your understand how to measure a radiator so you can find the ideal UK radiator replacement.
    Apr 25,2023
  • Modern Wet Room Ideas and Inspiration | Bathroom Takeaway

    Struggling with wet room design ideas? Read about the different elements you can incorporate into your wet room to create a functional and luxurious space.
    Apr 24,2023
  • How to Unblock a Sink without a Plunger | Bathroom Takeaway

    A clogged sink is a common problem in the bathroom. Find out how to use home remedies or bleach to unclog your blocked drains when you don’t have a plunger.
    Mar 28,2023
  • Cost of Living Crisis: How to Save Water at Home

    There are plenty of ways to save money on your water bill during the cost of living crisis. Discover how to reduce your water usage with our expert advice.
    Mar 26,2023