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What Type Of Shower Head Saves The Most Water?

What Type Of Shower Head Saves The Most Water?
Written By: | House Designer Expert
Last Updated Sep 23,2022

Want to save yourself money on your water bill without compromising on your warm and powerful showers? Water efficient shower heads can be a great addition to your bathroom in order to save water and money!

You might be wondering ‘do water saving shower heads work?”. There is a lot of speculation on the effectiveness of these types of shower heads, but here at Bathroom Takeaway we’re experts in all things bathroom! We’ll explain the best shower heads to choose from and the reasons why.

Should You Buy An Eco Shower Head?

The type of shower head that you choose will control the flow and spray pattern of the water. The design of a shower head directly influences how much water you use each time you have a wash. Eco shower heads work by mixing temperate water with air that gives you a high pressure shower experience, whilst using less water.

There are a few things that mean you may benefit from switching to a more water efficient shower head:

Your Water Consumption

Grab yourself an empty 2 litre bucket, place it on the floor of your shower or bath, and fill it up to the top. Whilst doing this, time how long it takes for water to fill the bucket.

If it takes less than 10 seconds to fill with your shower running on full, this means that your shower is dispensing 10 litres per minute! This rate of water consumption really adds up, so you could definitely benefit from changing your shower head.

Whether You Have A Fixed Shower Head

If you currently have a large, fixed shower head this can not be easily replaced with a new shower head. Replacing the head may also make your shower feel less powerful as the water will be distributed over a larger area.

Whether You Have An Electric Shower

It’s important to note that eco shower heads are not recommended for use with electric showers as they can cause damage to your shower unit. This is because an eco-friendly shower head can cause water to build up within the heater tank, making it overheat. Eco shower heads work best with non-electric showers.

What Type Of Shower Head Saves The Most Water?

If you’re looking for the best water saving shower heads then look no further! Below, we’ve detailed the type of shower heads to look for, leaving you with the freedom to choose your design, chrome finish, white or something else!

Mixer Showers

A mixer shower is a great option for those looking to save on cost. Mixer showers allow you to control the temperature manually through two taps. You can also control the water the same way as you control the water to your bath, if you have one.

Using this type of shower also allows you to control the pressure of water coming through the shower head, which can save you money on water and energy.

Electric Showers

Electric showers are surprisingly cost-effective. The shower unit itself essentially acts as a water heater, heating cold water as it flows towards the shower head.

Many models have eco settings too that controls the amount of water and electric usage, which is another way to save money.

Shower Flow Regulators

Although not strictly a shower head, a shower flow regulator is another way to control the amount of water pressure that comes through. This screws into the bottom of your shower base hose.

Which Type Of Showers Should I Avoid?

The main type of shower to avoid if you’re looking to save on water and energy usage is a power shower. Using these types of showers can quickly use more water than having a bath!

Discover our wide range of showers available to save you on your bills. For more information, don't hesitate to get in touch with our expert team.


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