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Kitchen Radiators Ideas

Stylish Family Kitchen With White Compact Radiator
Written By: | Interiors Specialist
Last Updated Jun 18,2024

Considering updating your radiators but have found yourself unsure of your options?

Here at Bathroom Takeaway, we have collaborated to create the ultimate guide for kitchen radiator ideas. This comprehensive guide covers a wide range of styles and colour options. It discusses our best ideas for kitchen radiators in the home, alongside expert tips for matching valves and accessories to your radiator.

Why Should You Upgrade Your Kitchen Radiator?

The decision to upgrade a radiator is a common one for millions of homeowners across the UK each year. There are a few reasons why this is a smart home improvement choice.

First, if you are undertaking a full kitchen renovation; installing fresh, new radiators is a great way to complete the updated look and feel of the space. A new radiator can have a huge visual impact, transforming the aesthetic of the kitchen. Even if a full kitchen revamp is not needed, upgrading the radiators alone can make a noticeable difference.

Stunning Kitchen Room With New Radiators

The kitchen is the heart of the home, so enhancing its appearance through something like a new radiator can improve the overall look and atmosphere of the entire house. Let's look at our top 8 kitchen radiator ideas

1. Vertical Radiators

Over the past decade, vertical radiators have become an increasingly popular design trend. Today, it's nearly impossible to visit a trendy restaurant or stylish home without spotting a striking vertical radiator mounted on the wall.

When searching on how to incorporate vertical kitchen radiator ideas into your home, luckily for you, there is such a wide range of modern and traditional styles; as well as colour options like white or black. You're sure to find a selection of tall radiator kitchen ideas that perfectly complements your kitchen aesthetic.

Vertical radiators can be mounted directly on the wall or supported by feet. These decorative radiator feet come in a wide variety of styles and colours to complement your interior design.

Vertical Chrome Radiator Against Lounge Wall

2. Coloured Radiators

Coloured radiators come in a wide variety of vibrant colours, from bold blues and sunny yellows to lush greens and playful purples - even a chic Barbie pink. Incorporating a colourful radiator could be that unique and eye-catching addition your new kitchen needs.

Many of our customers have found success by coordinating the radiator colour with their wall colour. For example, pairing a dark blue feature wall with a matching dark blue radiator can create a visually striking look.

Vertical Kitchen Radiator In Purple In A Natural Light Room

3. Traditional Radiators

Traditional-style radiators are well-suited for homes with a historical aesthetic, such as Victorian and Edwardian-era properties.

Although with that being said, traditional column-style radiators can complement modern properties just as well as older ones. These timeless, sophisticated radiators give an elegant touch to a new kitchen.

When installing traditional radiators in your kitchen, consider pairing them with matching traditional-style radiator valves. Take a look into thermostatic radiator valves and antique-style thermostatic valves as options to complement the classic aesthetic.

Traditional Styled Column Radiator In Matt Black

4. Small Radiators

In a new kitchen with limited space, a smaller radiator is certainly the best choice. Small kitchen radiators come in a wide variety of designs, allowing you to select one that fits your kitchen's aesthetic without compromising on size.

To find a small kitchen radiator idea that fits your new kitchen, first identify the specific style and colour you want. Then, configure the product to determine the smallest size that will work in the available space.

Small Radiator In Stylish Kitchen

5. Flat Panel Radiators

Modern flat panel radiators feature a clean, flat front that gives them a smart and contemporary appearance.

Flat panel radiators are a fantastic choice for modern kitchens. Pair your radiator with gloss kitchen cabinets and contemporary appliances like touch screen cooktops and wall-mounted ovens to create a cohesive look.

Flat Panel Stylish Radiator In A Navy Blue Finish

6. Mirrored Radiators

Blending practicality and style, a mirrored radiator makes a fantastic addition to any kitchen, combining the functional heating of a radiator with the visual appeal of a decorative mirror.

Mirrored radiators come in a wide range of sizes and colours, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your kitchen. Installing a mirrored radiator can maximise the use of natural light, creating a bright, reflective feature that stands out from the typical kitchen appliance.

Mirrored Radiator In Stylish Home Setting

7. Anthracite Radiator

Given the widespread popularity of anthracite interiors among UK homeowners, it's no surprise that anthracite radiators have also become a common fixture in many kitchen designs.

Anthracite is a neutral colour and complements a wide range of palettes. For the kitchen, we recommend pairing white high-gloss fascias with a vertical anthracite radiator - a stylish and eye-catching combination.

When selecting an anthracite radiator for your kitchen, be sure to purchase matching anthracite radiator valves.

Anthracite Traditional Radiator Mounted Onto Wall

8. Radiator Covers

If you are searching for the best Ideas to hide radiator in kitchen then a radiator cover may just be the upgrade you are looking for. Not only can they be stylish updates to your home but they also improve heat distribution in your home.

Modern metal radiator covers have become a popular choice for homeowners in recent years, adding a stylish touch and enhancing the distribution of heat in your kitchen space. With their stylish designs, they are a must-have for modern homes.

Modern Patterned Metal Radiator Cover In Home

If you prefer a traditional radiator cover, a cabinet-style radiator might be the perfect look you're aiming for! A cabinetry-style radiator cover brings timeless appeal and traditional charm, effectively concealing your radiator while preserving the classic aesthetic of your room. They also are really good for distributing heat and have exceptional durability.


Where Should I Place My Radiators?

The best place to place a radiator would be underneath a window. As any air entering the house assists the flow of heat around the room.

We suggest ensuring that the radiator is not obscured by anything like units or countertops, so you can then get the maximum performance from your radiator if you are in a position in which this can be achieved. We recommend looking into vertical radiators or underfloor heating instead.

What Size Radiator Do I Need?

Found your perfect radiator but not sure what size you want, don’t forget to use our BTU calculator to ensure you have everything just right for your new kitchen's look. A BTU calculator measures the room you are heating, the dimensions of the room and other factors to measure the level of radiator you need.

Where Do I Put A Radiator In An Open Plan Design?

In an open plan space, radiators are best placed in a dead space, If the your room is proving a tad tricky, we suggest considering installing vertical radiators. A tall vertical radiator can effectively eliminate dead space, creating a more cosy atmosphere in the room, rather than leaving it feeling empty.

Whether it be modern kitchen radiator ideas you are looking for or a more traditional style, a vertical radiator would be a stylish look to go for.

Why Are Radiators Near Windows?

Usually in homes heat escapes through the thin glass, causing a cold area near the window surface. Placing a radiator directly under the window generates and releases hot air, which then ascends to counter the cold air from the window. Or you could place the radiator in an outside facing wall!

Should You Insulate Behind Your Radiators?

Yes, insulating the area behind your radiators aids in maintaining a warmer home environment for those chilly evenings.

Properly insulating your water tank and radiators can provide a simple and efficient method to reduce costs on your utility bills.

How Should I Hide My Radiators?

If you are needing ideas to hide radiators in kitchens then have you looked into the world of radiator covers? Radiator covers are a popular way homeowners try to disguise radiators.

They come in a variety of different styles and colours which fit perfectly into any kitchen space.


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