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How Much Does A Bathroom Designer Cost?

How Much Does A Bathroom Designer Cost?
Written By: | Interiors Specialist
Last Updated Mar 26,2024

Designing your bathroom is an exciting project. This allows you to create a space that suits both your style and everyday needs. Many people do it on their own, but most seek professional help to get the thing done. And naturally, this makes us wonder how much it will cost to hire a bathroom designer.

This blog will try to find out the factors that influence these costs and what to expect when hiring a professional designer.

Modern Bathroom With Bath Shower Enclosure And Toilet

What Are The Main Cost Factors?

Scope of the Project The cost of the bathroom project depends on elements like complexity and size. While small updates might be budget-friendly, a complete redesign could result in higher expenses.
Designer Experience Experienced bathroom designers may have a higher cost. Their expertise and design skills could be valuable, especially for complex or specialised projects.
Geographical Location Your home's location affects costs. Areas with higher living expenses and greater demand for design services may have higher prices
Materials and Fixtures Material and fixture choices impact the budget. Choosing high-end finishes and luxury bathroom items increases the overall designer cost.

Average Bathroom Designer Rates In The UK:

So, how much does it cost to hire a bathroom designer? Well, on average, you can expect:

Low-end rates Starting from £15 to £50 per hour for less experienced designers or those with fewer projects under their belt.
Mid-range rates Ranging from £50 to £100 an hour for designers with moderate experience and a solid portfolio.
High-end rates Going up to £100 to £200 an hour for highly skilled designers. Often the designers have extensive experience and a high reputation
Project-based costs On average, individual project costs can range from £1,000 to £15,000 or more

(Source: Talent .com)

Is Hiring A Bathroom Designer Worth It?

It is true that hiring a bathroom designer involves significant costs. However, the benefits often outweigh the expenses.

IProfessional designers bring expertise. They ensure optimal space use, material selection, and a cohesive design.

IThey also save you time and stress by streamlining the design process. Designers have access to a network of suppliers, too. This makes material sourcing more efficient.

Modern Creative Bathroom Space With Storage Area

Cost-effective Tips For Designing A Bathroom On A Budget:

If are curious to know how to design a bathroom on a budget, consider these tips:

  • Clear priorities: Identify your must-haves and allocate budget accordingly.
  • DIY elements: Tackle simpler tasks yourself to save on labour costs.
  • Buy smart: Look for discounts, sales, or consider refurbished fixtures to stay within budget.

Is There An App To Design A Bathroom?

Yes, there are several apps available to help you design your bathroom. These apps offer user-friendly interfaces and a range of features. They allow you to visualise your ideas before committing to any changes. Some popular options include:Planner 5D , RoomSketcher, SmartDraw, etc.

How To Design A Bathroom Online For Free?

Designing your bathroom online for free is possible through various tools and websites. You can consider the following options:

  • Try platforms like Roomstyler and Planner 5D. They let you experiment with diverse layouts and designs.
  • Some bathroom fixture manufacturers provide online design tools, too. This helps you visualise their products in your space.
  • They are retailers such as IKEA and Home Depot that offer online planning tools for designing bathrooms.

Understanding the factors that influence bathroom designer costs allows you to make informed decisions for your project. Whether you decide on a professional designer or opt for a budget-friendly approach, smart planning ensures a successful and satisfying outcome for your dream bathroom.


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