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How Do Storage Heaters Work The Ultimate Guide

How Do Storage Heaters Work The Ultimate Guide
Written By: | Interiors Specialist
Last Updated Mar 25,2024

Are you considering venturing into the world of storage heating.In this detailed blog we are going to give you a total rundown on how to use storage heaters and answering the big questions on your mind like how do night storage heaters work and should you turn storage heaters off during the day to put you totally and peace with the most up to date knowledge.

Flat Panel Storage Heater In Lounge

What Are The Different Types Of Storage Heater?

Are storage heaters good is a common question that pops up when discussing them compared to more modern radiator designs and the answer is yes they are! But it totally depends on what type of heater you go for and are storage heaters expensive to run? So let’s get into it!

  1. Economy Storage Heaters: Are storage heaters efficient. The ever popular economy storage heater was created to encourage more people to use electricity during the nighttime. To prevent electricity from being wasted, power suppliers offer lower rates during the afternoon, evening, and night.
  2. Manual Storage Heaters: Are old storage heaters expensive to run? Well These heaters are the oldest type of storage heater. They have been used for a long time and are the easiest way to take advantage of cheaper energy rates during the night.
  3. Smart Storage Heaters:The latest smart heater is sleek and stylish, packed with various functions and devices. Like their predecessors, modern models allow you to fully control your surroundings while benefiting from affordable Economy 7 tariffs.
  4. Automatic Storage Heaters: Automatic storage heaters have become more recently introduced into the market with convenience and reliability in mind. They function off timers and thermostats so the homeowner can decide when they function, in turn giving less reliance to the homeowner to keep turning them on and off.
  5. Night Time Storage Heaters: Also known as night heaters and basically designed to charge up during the night. The heaters tend to be mounted onto walls and store heat in ceramic or brick overnight.
  6. Electric Storage Heaters: Are you wondering are electric storage heaters expensive to run or how do electric storage heaters work? Well to put it simply, during the night, when electricity is cheaper, thermal energy is stored by heating up ceramic or clay bricks inside. This stored heat is later released during the day to keep your house warm.

How Do Storage Heaters Work?

Storage heaters are appliances that store heat produced from low-cost electricity at night and gradually release it during the day to keep your home warm.They do this by heating ceramic or clay bricks inside which are based inside the storage heater. These are then heated overnight and gradually release the stored heat throughout the day. Storage heaters are specifically designed for homes with time-of-use electricity tariffs like Economy 7 or Economy 10, which offer cheaper electricity rates during the night.

Modern Functioning Storage Heater In Home

Pro’s And Con’s Of Storage Heaters

Advantages Of Storage Heaters

  • Cheaper To Run
  • Modern Storage Heaters Have Clever Stylish Features
  • Very Quiet
  • Simple To Install

Cons Of Storage Heaters

  • Can Be Costly
  • Can Over heat A Room If It’s A Older Model
  • May Not Have Warm Evening Due To All Heat Used Up By Then

There you go! A simple guide on how to work storage heaters and the benefits of having them. If you still have questions on your mind check out our FaQ section below to put any remaining questions you have to rest.

Traditional Storage Heaters In Home

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Storage Heaters Cause Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

No they don’t…storage heaters operate by heating bricks or ceramic, in turn eliminating the need for burning any fuel that could lead to carbon monoxide accumulation in the house. So no need to worry

Which Is Cheaper To Run Storage Heaters Or Radiators

Generally, an electric radiator is a more cost-effective and energy-saving option than a storage heater. To further improve their energy efficiency, make sure to choose a suitable home energy deal that aligns with your usage.

Are Storage Heaters Cheap To Run

Storage heaters are cost effective if you don't have mains gas because electricity is more expensive than gas, even at off-peak rates.

Are Electric Radiators Better Than Storage Heaters

As storage heaters are not as modern as electric radiators, depending on your home, electric radiators tend to be more efficient in your home. Their modern look and functionality electric radiators are chosen more often than not.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Storage Heaters

If you are considering removing your old storage heater to replace it with a new one, usually it shouldn't be too much. It mainly would depend on the rate for the removal and fitting of the new heater.


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