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5 ways to make your bathroom more sustainable | Bathroom Takeaway

5 ways to make your bathroom more sustainable | Bathroom Takeaway

As it turns out, us Brits know little about how unsustainable our bathrooms truly are. According to Water UK, 46% of brits think they use less than 20 litres of water daily. In reality, we use 610% more, frequently hitting 142 litres a day.

Most homeowners are used to making sustainable swaps in the kitchen. We use a plug while washing up, shop locally, and recycle. But, we forget bathrooms are another great place to set ourselves up for sustainable success.

With just a few environmentally friendly bathroom switches, you can reduce your impact on the planet with almost no ongoing maintenance.

Here are 5 no-brainer ways to make your bathroom more sustainable and save money in the long haul:

1. Choose water saving plumbing fixtures

Build an eco bathroom from the ground up by opting for water-saving suite features.

Most shower heads have adjustable flow types. Do your research and find one with an eco option that uses less water. Big brands tend to state what the water usage is in litres per minute. Although not all plumbing fixtures can be classified as water saving, this can also be achieved by retrofitting them with flow regulators.

If you’re wondering what kind of toilet is best for the environment, the answer is dual flush toilets. Changing to a dual flush is another way to reduce water usage without closing your options. Unless you’re already in the market for a new toilet, we recommend upgrading the cistern and button to a dual flush version. That way, you avoid creating more waste by holding on to your original toilet bowl. You can also fit cistern bags into your toilet or adjust the fill volume to use less water per flush.

The third and probably the most significant water-saving feature is to opt for a shower instead of a bath. Go eco-friendly and install an electric shower unit over your bath. Or, if you’re already in the market for a shower, browse our wide range of showers with long-lasting glass shower screens.

Additionally, United Utilities offer some free products to add to your existing bathroom that can help you save water.

2. Choose Durable Products

Opt for longer-lasting materials in your eco bathroom design to be more environmentally friendly. This swap works because replacing items less frequently will mean you use fewer precious resources and energy reserves.

We love our taps that use ceramic discs instead of rubber washers. The ceramic discs don’t wear out like rubber washers, meaning you won’t need to replace them for years to come.

Our team also manufactures and sources baths and shower trays made from durable acrylic in the UK. You can also opt for a bath with reinforced acrylic sides that are much less likely to split and crack over time than traditional acrylics, and they keep your bath warmer for longer, so you won't need to top it up with hot water.

3. Opt for eco-friendly stockables such as LED light bulbs and toilet paper

Stock your bathroom with the least impactful consumables you can find to reduce your carbon footprint.

There are a few items in our bathrooms we have no choice but to replenish and rebuy. Lightbulbs are one of those must-replenish items. You can minimise their impact by switching to energy-efficient light bulbs such as mirror LEDs in your eco-friendly bathroom. You can also switch to brighter light fixings that light the room with fewer total lightbulbs.

We also have to use a lot of energy and water to grow and manufacture toilet paper. Once you’ve worked through your existing supply, switch to more sustainable toilet paper options such as recycled paper or paper made from bamboo.

4. Opt for, and stick to using, refillable bathroom products

Bulk buy products and decant them into refillable containers to reduce packaging and your contribution to air miles.

Refillable products are growing in popularity. Most towns and cities have a zero-waste option of sorts. It’s also becoming more well known that buying products in larger quantities uses less packaging.

The sticking point is that many people find refillable products impractical to purchase, store, and top up. However, switching will be significantly easier if you design your bathroom with refillables in mind.

Install cabinets and storage furniture in your bathroom so you can store bulk containers in a convenient location.

Enhance your easy to reach storage options with open bathroom shelves for your refillable containers and soap dispensers. As an extra tip, environmentally friendly bar soap is often better than liquid hand soap, so don’t forget the stylish soap tray by your sink.

5. Change your everyday habits and suppliers

In our recent blog on saving energy, we explored many sustainable behaviour changes, from turning off the tap to having quick showers.

But habits don’t have to end in the bathroom. Take the time to research and switch to a renewable energy supplier, so your everyday bathroom routine is powered by clean energy.

Interested in upgrading your bathroom suite without creating unnecessary waste? Try our free bathroom planner to see how you can switch out pieces within your existing suite.

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