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Shower Enclosures

Choosing a Shower Enclosure

The main difference between the types of shower enclosures is the movement of the doors. It is important to consider which type of door will be most suited to your bathroom suite. Sliding door shower enclosures are ideal if space is limited, or if you are looking to install your shower in the corner of your bathroom, as they don't open outwards. Another option if you would like your shower to fit seamlessly in the corner of your room is the corner entry cubicles, which simultaneously offer a stylish finish to your bathroom suite.

Our quadrant enclosures feature an aluminium frame that is really set to brighten up your bathroom space. Curvaceous and polished, the quadrant enclosure brings an understated elegance to your bathroom, whilst offering the illusion of a bigger space.

Wet Rooms

Another popular shower enclosure available at Bathroom Takeaway is the walk-in shower, also known as a wet room. Ideal if you want to give your bathroom a contemporary, minimalistic design, these showers fit perfectly with a rainfall shower head to maximise your showering experience.

Extremely modern, almost any bathroom can be transformed into the immersive shower experience that a wet room offers, through just a simple installation. Perfect for smaller bathrooms or in a home that doesn't require a bath, the wet room is easy to maintain and can really give your bathroom that spa like feel.

Easy Clean Glass

The shower cubicles here at Bathroom Takeaway come with an easy-clean finish, to make sure your doors stay streak-free and shiny, with minimal effort. Complete with water-repelling technology, the easy-clean finish helps prevent limescale, stains oil and dirt from sitting on the glass, offering an impressive shine, 24/7. It's as easy as 1-2-3.