Curved Heated Towel Rails

Curved heated towel rails add depth to your suite and deliver a stunning and contemporary feel to any bathroom. With a three dimensional appearance, they're a fantastic feature for anyone looking to warm their bathroom and towels in an instant. In addition to the superior style, the curved heated towel rails deliver a superb heat performance and have the ability to make the best use of the space available on the wall. The high quality workmanship on the rails guarantees that they’ll be keeping things dry for years to come.

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Curved towel radiators can add a new sense of depth to your suite, offering a stunning, contemporary feel to your bathroom and a 3D appearance that helps create a sense of space in your room. Providing the perfect feature for your bathroom, the state-of-the-art design is not only extremely stylish but also innovative in terms of heating your towels.

Produced from the highest quality materials, the curved towel rails from Bathroom Takeaway come with a 10-year ‘Fit & Forget' guarantee as well as offering everyday low prices, so you can be sure you are receiving the best quality, at the best price, all year round. You can also be safe in the knowledge that your towel rail will last you for years to come. Our curved towel rails not only offer a great sense of style, but they also offer superb performance in terms of heat output. The innovative design also helps to dry your towels efficiently, making use of the space in your room.

Central Heating Or Electric Curved Towel Rail

At Bathroom Takeaway, we offer a variety of electric and centrally heated curved towel rails, to match everyone's preferences. Both efficient in their own right, curved electric towel rails help keep your energy use in control, as they come with a handy on/off switch, so you can choose when your towel rail is turned off, only using electricity when you need it. Also perfect for the summer months, a curved electric towel rail will ensure that you have warm, fluffy towels all year round, without having to heat your entire home through the central heating.

Centrally heated curved towel rails are also very effective as they will heat your towels, whenever the central heating is turned on, without you having to remember to turn the towel rail on. Centrally heated towel rails usually come with a thermostat, so you can control the heat of your towel rail, dependent on the temperature of the room, or have it constantly set to your desired temperature.

Choosing a curved towel rail style

The range of curved towel rails at Bathroom Takeaway are available with either a white or chrome finish. Whilst both very neutral and are able to be used with almost any colour scheme, the chrome curved towel radiator brings a sleek, shiny element to your bathroom suite, whilst keeping in line with a modern style. On the other hand, a white curved towel radiator offers a more matte finish and can be used in either a contemporary bathroom suite or traditional style room.

Depending on personal preferences, Bathroom Takeaway also offers curved towel rails in a range of sizes, perfect for either a family-sized or smaller bathroom, to suit your needs perfectly. With sizes starting from as little as 700 x 400mm and going up to widths of 600mm and heights of 1800mm, there is something to suit everyone. Our curved towel rails also come with heat outputs of between 501 and 3,000 BTU, to adequately heat your bathroom, no matter the size.