LED Bathroom Mirrors

With our range of LED Mirrors, you can bring light to your bathroom as well as adding a sophisticated touch of class to create the right ambience. Manufactured to a high standard, the LED mirrors will not compromise on quality but will indulge your bathroom environment to feel more luxurious.

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Bathroom Mirrors With Lights

A bathroom is not complete without a mirror. Not only a practical accessory, they really help to complete the overall style of your room, giving the illusion of a bigger and brighter space. With new technology the functionality of the ordinary bathroom mirror has been increased, to give you an illuminated mirror. A bathroom mirror with lights is perfect if you wish to increase the ambience of your room, add a touch of sophistication and increase its practicality.

No matter your taste and budget, Bathroom Takeaway offers a range of mirrors with lights to suit any bathroom space. Available in various shapes, with different lighting positions and the option of a demister pad or shaving socket, you are sure to find an LED mirror perfect for your bathroom.

Our illuminated mirrors are manufactured to the highest standard, our light-up mirrors don’t compromise on quality and will indulge your bathroom suite to make it feel more luxurious.

Benefits of an illuminated mirror

LED lights are renowned for their ability to provide quality lighting, whilst simultaneously saving energy. As the bulbs use less energy than the average bulb, they will not only save you money on running costs but due to their lifespan, they will also help you save when it comes to replacing them. The quality of light that an LED provides is also perfect for any bathroom mirror. Not only does it help create a soft ambience in the room, but it also provides a Hollywood style and makes practical tasks easier. Whether that involves applying make-up, shaving or styling your hair, the illuminated mirror is ideal for all family members and will help you achieve the perfect end result.

Illuminated Mirror Designs

Our LED light-up mirrors come in a wide range of styles. We have both circular and rectangular mirrors with either sharp, angular edges or softer corners, to match the style of bathroom you wish to achieve. The position of the lighting also changes, with an option for small cubic lights, strip lights and lighting around the outside of the mirror which offers a soft glow behind. All of these mirrors provide a different kind of lighting experience, depending on the requirements for you and your bathroom.

Additional Features Of Our Illuminated Mirrors

All of our mirrors come complete with long-lasting, cool white LED lights. However, some of our illuminated mirrors have optional extras, including a demister pad and shaving socket. The demister pad protects your mirror and reduces the chance of your illuminated bathroom mirror from steaming up. The additional features of a shaving socket and demister pad further increase the functionality of your bathroom mirror, offering a full-service solution.

Quality Assurance

All of our illuminated mirrors come complete with built-in lights and are rated to IP44 standard. This standard ensures that your mirror is protected from the intrusion of water, so you can be confident that your mirror is built to last.

Complete with a 2-year ‘Fit & Forget’ guarantee, you can be sure that your bathroom mirror with lights is built with quality in mind and will last for years to come.