Freestanding Baths

Freestanding baths are the focal point of your bathroom once installed. They're extremely practical but even more stunning and highlight your bathroom's fixtures beautifully. Our freestanding baths are made using a combination of materials such as twin sheet cast acrylic which is reinforced with fibreglass and resin for high quality, long-lasting finish that not only looks but also feels great. Create a modern or a classic look to your bathroom with one of our beautiful, high-quality freestanding baths. Our affordable freestanding baths are available in a range of sizes and styles ranging from the contemporary to the traditional so you can be sure to achieve your dream bathroom. Complete the look of your new freestanding bath with our modern or traditional bath taps.

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Freestanding Baths allow you to be flexible with the layout of our bathroom. Unlike a traditional fixed bath, a freestanding bath can be positioned anywhere in your space thanks to our tall, Freestanding Bath Taps that can be fixed wherever you desire.

Stand Alone Bathtubs

A lavish addition to your bathroom space, a freestanding bath allows you to create the bathroom of your dreams, whilst simultaneously offering the epitome in luxurious bathing. Creating a stunning focal point in your bathroom, the freestanding baths at Bathroom Takeaway are available at a similarly attractive price, offering great value for money.

The extensive freestanding bath collection at Bathroom Takeaway comprises of a selection of roll-top and slipper baths, to suit any style bathroom suite. For bathrooms where space may be a concern, we also offer a selection of small freestanding baths, so there really is something for everyone. All extremely stunning, the freestanding bath really is the essence of any bathroom.

At Bathroom Takeaway, we are proud to offer an everyday low-price promise. We believe our customers deserve to get the best value for money, every day of the year, without having to wait for seasonal sales. This means it is guaranteed that you will receive the highest quality bath products, for the best value on the market, all year round.

Slipper Baths

One of the most iconic styles of freestanding bath is the slipper bath. Popular because of its unique curved design, the slipper bath features one end that is higher than the other, allowing for a more relaxing bathing experience, whilst the taps are placed opposite, at the lower end of the bath, for a comfier experience.

At Bathroom Takeaway, we offer traditional slipper baths, with a roll-top finish and intricately designed chrome finish aluminium legs, for a stylish take on the traditional Victorian slipper bath design. For a more contemporary style bathroom, our minimalist slipper baths are ideal. Instead of the ornate roll-top, the more modern style bath features sleek edges, creating the perfect fuss-free space. The modern slipper baths are also floor-standing, further adding to their minimalist design.

At Bathroom Takeaway, we also offer double ended slipper baths. This style offers a modern twist on the traditional style slipper bath and features two high sides which dip in the middle. This style bath is perfect if you wish to create a centrepiece in your bathroom suite. Creating the perfect fusion of traditional and modern, the bath features carefully crafted bath legs and a slight roll top.

Double Ended Freestanding Baths

Double ended freestanding baths have the taps and waste in the middle of the bath, rather than to one side. Slightly smaller than a slipper bath, the freestanding double ended bath is ideal if you are struggling for space, but still, want a freestanding bath in your bathroom.

Bathroom Takeaway offers a wide selection of double-ended freestanding baths, in a range of styles, to suit both contemporary and traditional bathroom spaces. The Solitude double-ended freestanding bath offers a modern twist on the classic Victorian style roll top bath, combining traditional design with contemporary curves.

We also offer more contemporary, sleek freestanding double-ended baths, in both curved and angular designs. Just as luxurious as the slipper bath, a contemporary double-ended freestanding bath captures attention, really making it the focal point of any bathroom.

Freestanding Bath Specifications

The small freestanding baths are ideal for any bathroom space that is limited on space. Our freestanding bath sizes start from as little as 1675 x 777mm, going up to 1800 x 800mm, offering a solution for every type of bathroom space, no matter how large or small.

At Bathroom Takeaway, we also have a range of bath taps to perfectly match your chosen freestanding bath. The majority of our freestanding baths are compatible with either wall or floor mounted freestanding taps. If you wish to match your bath and basin taps, at Bathroom Takeaway, we offer a range of bath tap sets, creating a seamless and chic design throughout your bathroom.

It is also important to note that the majority of our freestanding baths come with the bath waste sold separately, however with a wide range of chrome finish wastes, it is guaranteed there will be waste to match your bath and taps perfectly.

All of our freestanding baths are manufactured from leucite acrylic, a hard-wearing material, popular in bath production. Effective at keeping the water warmer for longer, the acrylic bath is the perfect addition to any bathroom space. We are so confident in the quality of our freestanding bath collection that we offer a 10-year ‘Fit & Forget' guarantee. So, you can be sure that when you purchase a product from Bathroom Takeaway, you are receiving the highest quality, at an affordable price.