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Choosing a Bathroom Mirror

No longer a simple decorative item, the mirror has evolved to become one of the most used accessories in a bathroom. With added functionalities, such as LED lights and additional storage facilities, the bathroom mirror is an essential for any family bathroom. However, with such a wide range available on the market, how can you be sure that you are picking the right one for your space?

We have such a wide range of styles, with some suited to the more traditional Victorian style bathroom and chic soft glow contemporary bathroom mirrors, perfect for a more modern style bathroom.

LED Bathroom Mirrors

The majority of our mirrors come with built in lights, already offering added functionality in your bathroom. The vanity mirrors are there to help increase the illusion of more space in your room and to make daily bathroom tasks easier. The LED lights are turned on with either a soft touch switch or pull cord. LED’s are a popular choice for task lighting, like being used in mirrors due to the way they emit light. However, other reasons why LED’s are popular in mirrors include their increased energy efficiency. Losing a lot less energy to heat, they are much more effective than traditional lighting and help keep energy bills low. LED lights are also thought to be a lot safer than traditional lighting, as they stay cooler for longer, meaning you can have your mirror turned on for hours on end, without the lights overheating. Easy to use, the illuminated mirrors come with either a soft touch switch or a pull cord to turn the lights on.

Mirrored Medicine Cabinets

At Bathroom Takeaway, we also offer a range of bathroom mirror cabinets, to provide a two in one, mirror and storage solution. Perfect if you are short on space, the cabinets come in a range of sizes to suit your bathroom perfectly. Ideal for storing toiletries, bathroom mirror cabinets provide the extra space that is often required in busy family bathrooms. At Bathroom Takeaway, we offer a wide range of mirror cabinets, to suit your requirements. If you require a full cabinet and mirror solution, our selection is available with an outwards opening door and come complete with shelves. 

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Bathroom Mirrors

One of the most crucial accessories for any bathroom is the mirror. The right choice can really increase the practicality of your room, whilst simultaneously offering enhanced style. Important for daily tasks such as brushing hair, applying makeup and shaving, the mirror is often overlooked. With so many styles and specifications available on the market, choosing the right one can be tough. You have the traditional wall mirror, the technologically advanced LED mirror and even dual functionality mirrors that offer additional storage space. At Bathroom Takeaway, there is a mirror to suit everyone's requirements.

Our bathroom mirrors are purpose built to provide long wear and continual brightness, whilst concurrently resisting wear and tear from a damp environment giving you a practical and stylish solution for years to come. At Bathroom Takeaway, our range of mirrors come with a minimum 2 year ‘Fit & Forget' guarantee, so you can be confident in the quality of your products. Not only do we guarantee quality, here at Bathroom Takeaway we also promise that you will receive the best price for your products, all year round, with our everyday price promise. Instead of waiting for seasonal sales, you will receive value for money on high quality products, every day of the year.

LED Illuminated Bathroom Mirrors

Our range of LED mirrors are ideal for almost any bathroom. Whether it is a busy family bathroom or a downstairs W.C., an LED vanity mirror offers an added light source to your bathroom, which can help increase accuracy when undertaking precision focused tasks such as applying makeup or shaving. Not as expensive as you may think, the LED bathroom mirrors have been designed to suit any taste and budget. Our range of light up mirrors come in a range of specifications, with a number of different sizes and added functionalities, if they are required, such as a shaver plug and demister pad. We also offer various lighting configurations, so you can be sure there is something to suit your requirements.

The LED bathroom mirrors also come in a range of shapes, including circular, square and rectangular, dependent on whether you are trying to achieve a minimalist and contemporary bathroom or a more intricately designed traditional bathroom. The mirrors are available with either strip lights positioned around the outside of the frame, or on the longer sides of the mirror, with other lights being positioned behind the frame to produce a soft, ambient glow. Other LED vanity mirrors have strategically placed squares around the outside of the frame, to provide a slightly softer light than the strip lights.

Mirror specifications

The majority of our bathroom mirrors come with a demister pad and shaving socket. If this is the case, you can rest assured knowing that these specific products have been tested and IP44 rated, meaning they are safe to use in a bathroom environment. The majority of our mirrors are produced with a 5mm safety film backed mirror and come with a strong aluminium frame, however this may vary, so check the specific product page for more information.

All of our mirrors come in different sizes, to offer a wide selection, based on individual bathroom sizes. Our range of mirrors have also been designed to hang either vertically or horizontally, to suit any bathroom space.