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btu calculator

We all love having a toasty warm house don't we? Well, that's why we've developed our handy BTU calculator!

A BTU (or British Thermal Unit) represents the amount of heat a radiator can produce so it's important to know exactly how much heat you need in order to get that comfy, cosy feeling. A BTU calculator is a really handy way of working this out to make sure you get the best possible results. Having the wrong type of radiator could mean you're wasting money and energy - go for a BTU that's too low and it won't effectively heat large rooms, go for a BTU that's too high and you could end up paying more on bills than you need to.

So why not try out our BTU calculator below and start heating your home the efficient way?

Step 1: Which room are you heating?
Step 2: What are the dimensions of the rooms?
Step 3: What type of windows or doors are in the room?
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