Waterfall Bath Taps

Waterfall bath taps bring the hotel look to your bathroom for an affordable price. Built with a solid brass core, chrome plated and backed with our 10 year 'Fit and Forget' for greater peace of mind.

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Waterfall Taps: How To Clean And Maintain Your Taps

  • For an everyday clean, try using a micro-fibre cloth and nothing too abrasive.
  • Lemon is the secret ingredient to removing all limescale. Simply cut your lemon in half and position it directly onto your tap, then leave for 1 hour. If the tap needs a deeper clean - try a cloth soaked in vinegar and tie it onto the tap using a plastic bag.
  • Try not to get toothpaste onto your waterfall taps as this can damage the coating, especially if your taps have a gold or brass finish.