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What To Watch Out For This Winter

Bathroom Winter

Winter is always a more difficult time of the year and it often affects our day-to-day activities but luckily we get around just fine. The same cannot always be said for our homes and whilst most of them get through winter okay, there are some which unfortunately do not. The culprit of all these broken houses? Frozen and bursting pipes.

Many homeowners have had to deal with the issues of leaking pipes before but a burst pipe is a whole other issue and one which can be extremely costly despite being relatively cheap to avoid in the first place.

Why do pipes burst in winter?

Pipes burst throughout the year however they’re more susceptible to do so in winter due to the cold and often freezing weather. When water freezes, it expands by around 20% and so any pipes which are cold enough to freeze through must withstand this expansion otherwise they quite literally burst open. Houses with older or leaking pipes tend to be the first to see issues if the correct precautions are not taken to ensure that this does not happen.

What are the correct steps to take?

Keep your pipes cosy by making sure they are ‘lagged’. Lagged pipes are insulated pipes to put it simply. Whilst this can be cumbersome and often impossible to do on every bit of pipework, it’s an important step to take where possible – a bathroom makeover is an ideal time but your plumber should cover this anyway. Lagged pipes not only reduce the chance of bursting pipes during winter but can also save on energy bills since less heat is lost – saving you money! If you have an immersion heater, then be sure to check whether that is insulated too.

Another great way to ensure that your pipes don’t freeze, especially when you’re not at home is by setting your radiator/towel rail to heat up.

How do you know if your pipes are frozen?

If your water pressure is abnormally low, or little water even leaves the spout then it’s possible that your pipes have frozen through.

Important: Turn off your water supply now!

This will prevent any further damage being done and give you time to thaw out your pipes. You must not apply direct heat to a pipe (do not use a blowtorch etc) as this can increase your chances of bursting the pipe - use gradual heat instead.

What to do if your pipes have burst!

Important: Turn off your water supply now!

Burst pipes can be a nightmare to fix as the issues spread throughout your house very quickly and can often cause permanent long-term damage if not dealt with in due time. Water getting between your walls means you could face fighting off a damp patch for months which is less-than-ideal for almost everybody.

By Peter Wootton 3 months ago 293 Views