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What To Do When You Need Inspiration

Bathroom Inspiration

Everyone has heard and mostly like used the phrase “I’ve hit a wall” during some point in their lives. Whether it be in or outside of work, there’s only so much we can do on brain power alone. Which is where inspiration helps to expand our ideas, grow new plans and create some truly amazing things – including bathrooms!

As people who love bathrooms, we naturally love inspiration and regularly find new places and methods to get it. We thought it’s about time to share our 3 favourite places to help our readers out when undertaking a bathroom project!


Okay, so you’re sat at a desk (or stood up if you prefer) and you’re staring at a blank piece of paper and a pile of scrap paper – what do you do next? Luckily there is Pinterest, which is essentially a huge collection of user made ‘boards’. These are filled with often hundreds of ideas from baking guides to bathroom design and even installation. It’s not only great for inspiration but it’s also great for saving and organising your own ideas too.


We're relatively new to Pinterest but we’ve been hooked since we first signed up! We’ve got boards for everything we find and it just keeps on growing! Be sure to follow us here for a constant flow of bathroom inspiration.


Over the past year, we’ve been working with some different bloggers and a lot of what they write is very helpful. They enjoy it too and put their own time and effort into finding new and exciting trends for their readers.

We’re currently working with 2 Manchester based bloggers, OldFashionedSusie and #tidylife. Both of which are having their bathrooms/cloakrooms renovated! Header over to their blogs here (OldFashionedSusie) and here (#tidylife) to keep up to date with their renovation and for all kinds of inspiration!

We also did another renovation project with our interior stylist Maxine Brady! The full bathroom can be found on our blog (here) but here’s a snapshot of the completed bathroom!



Instagram is a gold mine when it comes to bathrooms. Instagram’s main sharing function is hashtags. Users tag their photos and other users search for those hashtags, which makes it great for inspiration. You can search for ‘#basin’ to find a tonne of inspiration for all different types of basins. We post regularly so be sure to follow us here for inspiration of our own

Looking for space savers in a tiny bathroom: pick up a wall hung vanity unit, for more floor space! #tiptuesday #vanityunit #bathroom #furniture #interiordesign #style
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Don’t forget that we’re also on Twitter and Facebook which we’re on every day so if you have any questions or simply need any tips/pointers then be sure to drop us a message and we’ll get right back to you!

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