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Vanity Units Buying Guide

Vanity Units Buying Guide

Looking for the perfect vanity unit? You’ve come to the right place. Our buying guide is full of useful hints and tips to help you choose. It makes buying a vanity unit as easy as 1-2-3!

At Bathroom Takeaway, you’ll find a huge selection of vanity units, all designed to make your bathroom look better and function smarter at the same time. Bathroom vanities combine a basin with a cabinet, so you can attach some valuable extra storage space to your sink. A good sink vanity unit should not only save you space but should also look great and be easy to use.

About our guide to buying a vanity unit

In this guide to buying a vanity unit, we’ll take a look at all the different options that are available, from compact cloakroom vanity units to sprawling double vanity units with space for all those little extras. By the end of our guide, you’ll know what to look for when buying a vanity unit, and you’ll know which style of vanity unit would suit your bathroom or cloakroom best.

What To Look For When Buying A Vanity Unit

The first and most important question is: how many basins do you need? If you need to keep up with the needs of a big and busy family, a double vanity unit is a great choice for your main bathroom, allowing more family members to get ready at once. A double vanity unit also adds a touch of luxury to an en-suite bathroom that’s off a double bedroom.

For guest and smaller bathrooms, a single sink vanity unit is ideal: you don’t need more than one small vanity unit for a space that’s not in high demand. If you’re looking for a cloakroom vanity unit, you’ll also find plenty of options at Bathroom Takeaway. Cloakroom vanity units are compact and come in handy if you want to wash without trekking all the way to the bathroom. If you want to do more with your boot room, mudroom, garage or storeroom, a cloakroom basin vanity unit would be just the thing.

Most vanity units are floor standing and include a basin. A freestanding vanity unit is a great option if you want to maximise storage space since it reaches all the way down to the ground. Not to mention, freestanding bathroom furniture has a look of elegance and solidity which you’re sure to love.

Working with special height considerations? Choose a wall hung vanity unit. You can mount your wall hung vanity unit at the height that suits you best, which makes all the difference if you’re very tall or short. It’s also much more convenient if you have a disability or if you want your sink vanity unit to be within easy reach for the kids.

A corner-mounted vanity unit is a great choice if you need to get creative to save space, or if you’re trying to work around an unusually shaped room. Choose a cloakroom corner vanity unit if you’ve got some extra space in your home that you want to put to use as an extra bathroom or wet room.

Practical, Attractive Vanity Unit Styles

Whether you choose a freestanding vanity unit or a wall hung vanity unit, it will likely feature a basin that’s embedded within the vanity unit, rather than sitting on top of it. Semi-recessed basins give bathroom vanities a sleek look that fits well with any style of bathroom and also makes for easy cleaning. For a more unique, eye-catching look, choose a counter-top vanity unit. These design-led bathroom vanities are made to stand out.

Combination toilet and basin units are the ultimate in versatile, space-saving bathroom solutions. A vanity unit which combines a sink and toilet creates a uniform look for your bathroom and ensures that the toilet is conveniently located right by the sink. You can also claim more counter space, as the toilet cistern is cleverly hidden by a unit that also functions as an extra shelf.

Easy-to-clean, serene white is an understandably popular colour choice for vanity units. If you’re looking for a slightly warmer feel then choose ivory instead. Grey vanity units are getting attention right now because they’re a little unexpected but still nice and neutral. Grey also works well for traditional bathroom vanities done in period style.

You can also find many wood-finished bathroom vanities at Bathroom Takeaway. Choose between dark, light or medium wood, depending on what suits your style and matches the rest of your bathroom decor. Wooden bathroom vanities create a more relaxed, natural vibe and look great next to plants and greenery.

For a fresh, modern look, choose a sink vanity unit with a matte finish that doesn’t reflect much light. To create a sense of luxury, choose a vanity unit with a glossy finish that gleams brightly.

Customising Your Vanity Unit

Most bathroom vanities are sold without taps included, so you can have fun choosing exactly which taps complement your new vanity unit best. Depending on which style of tap you choose, you can give a period feeling to a neutral piece, or give a simple, small vanity unit an ultra-high-tech finishing touch.

Bathroom vanities don’t need back-splash unless you prefer it, but putting in some back-splash does give you an opportunity to get creative. Add some bright tiles that accentuate the look of your sink vanity unit and give it an extra jolt of personality.

How to buy a vanity unit at Bathroom Takeaway

Here at Bathroom Takeaway, we offer a wide variety of bathroom vanities, so you can find a piece that fits exactly right in your unique space. Our Everyday Low-Price Promise means that the right unit will always be available at the best price, no matter when you shop. All our bathroom vanities come with a 10-year ‘Fit & Forget' guarantee, so you can be sure your vanity unit will last as long as you need it to.

Browse our entire selection of vanity units on our website. Whether you’re looking for a countertop vanity unit, a wall hung vanity unit or a freestanding vanity unit, you’re in the right place. We carry large, versatile combination units as well as compact cloakroom basin vanity units and everything in between.

Did you find everything you need in our guide to buying a vanity unit? If you still have some questions, we’re here to help. Just get in touch at 0333 305 8200 or drop by one of our showrooms in Manchester or Birmingham for an in-person chat.

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