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The Best Bathtime Routine For Kids

Bathroom Routines

Routines are very important for children. Not only does it make your lives as parents easier but your children are generally less anxious as they know what activity is coming up next – including bath time. Some children love bath time whilst others REALLY do not. Whether your child loves or hates bath time, we’ve found the best bath time routine for you to try!

Be Prepared

Gather all of your essentials such as towels and shampoo before the bath is even drawn. It’s always a hassle and unpleasant experience when you realise you’re missing a towel or have no shampoo to-hand. A ‘bath time pack’ is a great way to ensure you’re ready each and every time – pack towels, shampoo, any other soap, toys and bubble bath! No more nasty surprises!

Make It Fun

The key to a successful bath is ensuring it is fun. The more fun it is the more likely your child is going to enjoy bath time, instead of dreading it! Whether it’s with toys, lots and lots of bubbles or entertaining them yourselves. A fun bath time is an easy bath time.

P Shaped Bath

Our Energise P Bath is perfect for families with young children. You can enjoy a shower without banging your elbows and retaining the luxuries of a bath.

Keep It Sweet And Short

Short baths seem counter-intuitive but it’s a really good tactic to getting your child cleaned whilst keeping them happy. Get them in, let them play but end the bath with ensuring they’re actually clean. Primarily, bath time is about getting clean. Playtime comes second.

Rinse And Go!

Even as adults, rinsing is just part of bathing so you may as well get your kids used to it now! It doesn’t need to be a big deal. Just grab a shower hose and give them a quick rinse! Once it’s done they’ll be clean and hopefully happy.

Shower Head

Our Vitalise Bath Shower Mixer Tap is perfect for this exact situation. The second handheld spray unit is perfect for rinsing off after a nice hot bath!

Hopefully this guide will help you make bath time easier for you and your little one!

By Peter Wootton 3 months ago 264 Views