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Shower Trays Buying Guide

Shower Trays Buying Guide

If you’re wondering what shower tray to buy for your bathroom, we’ll talk you through the various options in this practical shower trays buyers guide.

Shower trays are quite literally the foundation of any great bathroom shower setup. These integral components give you the sturdy, non-slip base for you to shower safely with complete confidence. While the accompanying shower waste takes care of syphoning away those soapy suds. Whether you’re fitting a compact shower for a petite en-suite or going all out with a plush tiled wet room, there’s a perfect shower tray to match your budget and ambitions.

Whatever kind of shower tray you want and need, we’ve got an unbeatable selection for you to pore over here at Bathroom Takeaway. Available in a whole range of shapes and sizes, our shower tray models are all built from strong and durable materials to ensure many years of showering enjoyment. Let’s start off this guide to buying a shower tray with some practical hints and tips to consider when purchasing your ideal shower tray.


There are just a few basic formalities to bear in mind when buying a shower tray, including shape, size and materials. It’s a good idea to take measurements of your bathroom and sketch out a scale drawing so you know exactly how much room you’ve got to play with and the best location for your shower to be installed.


What shower tray you choose will largely be determined by the type of shower enclosure you’ve bought, the size of your bathroom and the overall style you’ve got in mind. For instance, smaller en-suite and cloakroom spaces lend themselves well to square shower trays paired with bi-fold, sliding or corner entry doors. Another great space-saving option is a quadrant shower, which features a curved front for sliding doors and fits neatly into corner spaces.

Where dimensions are less of a factor, rectangular shower trays offer a slightly more spacious solution. Compatible with sliding door enclosures, rectangular shower trays are also perfect for recess shower installations if you’d rather the minimalism of fully tiled walls and a shower door enclosure. As you can see, there really is a shower tray shape to suit the proportions of any modern bathroom.


Shower trays come in a variety of standard sizes, from 760 mm by 760 mm for our smallest square trays through to 1,700 mm by 700 mm for our largest rectangular tray. Quadrant shower trays start at a petite 800 mm by 800 mm and go up to an extremely generous 1,200 mm by 900 mm. All of our premium shower trays are designed to fit perfectly with our complete range of shower enclosures for a hassle-free and convenient installation.


Shower trays come in a range of durable materials to ensure their longevity. You could be forgiven for thinking that all shower trays are made from flexible acrylic. While there is a multitude of acrylic shower trays on the market, you won’t find any at Bathroom Takeaway. That’s because we believe stone resin trays offer far better value for money. They’re extremely strong and hard-wearing, so you’ll never have to worry about cracks, leaks and costly repair jobs. They also look fantastic, thanks to a gel coating that keeps them spotlessly white.


Few things come close to the overall luxury and convenience of a wet room shower. Hugely accessible and customisable with the tiling effect of your choice, wet rooms are a great modern addition for when a bath just isn’t practical but you’re not prepared to compromise on a heavenly bathing experience. You’ll need a shower tray for wet room installations and at Bathroom Takeaway we have a broad selection of specialist wet room shower trays for you to choose from.

Our 30 mm wet room trays feature a polystyrene core and special polymer cement coating to provide a failsafe substrate for building in wet areas. Designed for boarded floors (fitting flush between floor joists), the waterproofing and insulating properties of these trays make them perfect for tiling. Available in a range of standard off-the-shelf sizes, wet room shower trays can also be cut down to size for bespoke installations.


As well as your shower tray, you’ll also need an all-important shower waste for your suds to drain way into. Practical shower wastes deliver super-fast drainage to keep blockages to a minimum. Despite their highly functional nature, our shower wastes are finished in polished chrome that sits, making them a highly stylish plumbing solution.

With a quick release inner unit that requires no tools to access, it’s never been easier to clean and maintain your shower waste. At Bathroom Takeaway, our high-quality shower wastes are backed up by our 5-year ‘Fit and Forget’ guarantee, which means you can rest assured that your shower waste will keep on performing at its best for years to come.

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