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Shower Accessories Buying Guide

Shower Accessories Buying Guide

In this shower accessories buying guide we’ll talk you through the various different types of shower fittings available to buy online today.

Whether you’re treating yourself to a whole new shower or simply want to update a tired existing one, there is a range of shower accessories you can purchase to spruce up your shower. From luxurious new shower heads and slider rail kits to functional, fast-drainage shower wastes, we’ve got all the essential types of shower accessories you need to add the finishing touch to your showering experience here at Bathroom Takeaway.


Shower fittings are those essential ‘add-ons’ that make a shower perform at its peak. While fixtures are the more permanent items in your bathroom – like baths, basins and toilets – fittings are those extra details that ‘fit’ on or around your fixtures to make for an easier and more enjoyable all-round experience.

Our collection of shower fittings comprises practical solutions, including shower slider rail kits, showerheads and arms, and shower wastes. In isolation they might not seem that important but take any of these items out of your showering equation and it simply won’t be the full package. Let’s take a closer look at each of these types of shower fittings.


If you’re installing a modern, new shower you’re going to need the following three pieces of equipment:


When it comes to choosing the ideal shower head, there are two ways you can go. There’s the hand shower option which, as the name suggests, is a handheld shower head that gives you the option of close-up concentrated rinsing or an overhead spritz when you need your hands. You’ll find an array of stylish shower heads available in round or square designs, depending on whether you favour an organic look or something a bit more angular.

Constructed from durable ABS plastic, and finished in a gleaming polished chrome effect, these ultra-modern shower heads come with either single setting functionality for total ease of use or three settings that give you varying levels of water pressure and positioning – including a luxurious massage mode. These types of shower head are a great choice if your water pressure is a bit low and you need a little extra ‘oomph’ from your shower.

The other option available to you is a fixed shower head. Fitted to either a wall or your ceiling, these types of shower fittings are a bit more complicated to install because they require some extra plumbing work to get them up and running. But the wonderfully minimalist look you’ll achieve, with nearly all your pipework hidden behind the wall, is certainly worth the effort. Speaking of which, you can also buy shower supply elbows, which connect your water to supply to your shower hose. We recommend enlisting the help of a plumber to oversee these types of installations.

There are various styles of fixed shower heads to choose from. Rain showers have become highly sought after in recent years. Not only for their opulent styling but also for the wonderful pitter patter of their constant, consistent flow. Available in a range of sleek square or circular designs, fixed shower heads require a matching wall or ceiling-mounted shower arm. Built from hard-wearing stainless steel or solid brass, shower arms can be bought on their own to pair with a fixed shower head of your choice or as part of a bundle package for the best savings.


Shower slider rail kits are nifty fittings for shower mixers. Designed for neatly stowing away your shower head, either while it’s in use or turned off, these shower fittings are not only supremely functional but they also look fantastic. Featuring high-polished, chrome detailing and 50 cm or 150 cm stainless steel hosing, shower slider rail kits are the ideal accompaniment to a thermostatic bath shower mixer tap and are guaranteed to add a splash of sophistication to any shower setup.

You can pick up a streamlined shower slider rail kit with a matching shower head or go all out with a kit that includes either an inbuilt twin shower head or a separate wall or ceiling mounted fixed shower head. Both of these options not only represent phenomenal value but also give you the freedom to keep your overhead shower running while you rinse with your handheld shower – keeping you warm and relaxed throughout.


Beyond the shower itself, shower wastes are one of the most crucial fittings for shower enclosures you’ll ever buy. All that soapy water has to go somewhere, which is why you’ll want to invest in a practical shower waste that delivers super-fast drainage to keep any blockages to an absolute minimum.

Such a practical item needn’t be unglamorous either, with a gleaming chrome waste that sits atop the highly effective pipework that does all the hard work. With a quick release inner unit that requires no tools to access, keeping your shower waste clean and in perfect working order couldn’t be easier. At Bathroom Takeaway, our shower wastes are backed by our 5-year ‘Fit and Forget’ guarantee, to ensure you enjoy many years of reliable use.


Your days of traipsing around DIY stores scouring the sales are over. With Bathroom Takeaway, you can browse our complete collection of more than 200,000 beautiful bathroom products without even leaving your house. When you’ve found what you’re looking for, our 10,500 pallet warehouse in Trafford Park, Manchester is geared up to dispatch your order in full and on time. So you won’t have to wait too long to fit your exciting new bathroom purchases.

We’ve made buying shower fittings, and bathroom products in general, as easy as 1-2-3 at Bathroom Takeaway. All you have to do is select which types of shower accessories you’d like, purchase them securely through our online store, and wait the short while it takes for them to be delivered directly to your door – it really couldn’t be simpler or more straightforward. We’ll even give you free delivery on orders over £299.

At Bathroom Takeaway, we’re 100% dedicated to giving you the best quality products and services. It’s our commitment to providing you with an enjoyable and seamless experience that has seen us achieve Feefo Gold Trusted Merchant status, thanks to the candid feedback of our many satisfied customers. Of course, in the unlikely event that you’re not completely happy with your order, we’ll give you our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

We hope this shower accessories buying guide has given you plenty of food for thought. If you’re feeling inspired to buy your brand-new shower accessories today, then why not browse our complete collection online. For further information about any of our products, please feel free to visit our Manchester or Birmingham showrooms or give us a call on 0333 305 8200.

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