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Radiators Buying Guide

Radiators Buying Guide

By the time you’ve read this guide to buying a bathroom radiator you’ll have all the necessary knowledge required to buy a bathroom radiator online.

Nothing spoils a luxurious bathing experience more than stepping out into a Baltic bathroom that’s more than a few degrees cooler than your body considers comfortable after all that wonderful warmth. This is when a bathroom radiator becomes less of a plumbing fixture and more of an essential ingredient to a relaxing bathroom experience.

If you’re in search of the warm hug of a heated towel and an ambient temperature that won’t have you sprinting for your bathrobe, then this radiators buying guide is for you. In it, we’ll be giving you some pointers about what to look for when deciding on the ideal radiator for you, and introducing you to some of our favourite radiator models available here at Bathroom Takeaway.


It’s safe to say that radiators have undergone somewhat of a facelift over the years. Long gone are those ugly, utilitarian radiators of yesteryear. In their place have sprung up countless new designs that are every bit as easy on the eye as they are thermally efficient.

Now you can get everything from traditional Victorian column radiators to designer flat panel radiators that come with their very own ‘wow factor’. You’re not even constrained to a regular horizontal setup either, with vertical radiators providing stunningly effective solutions in bathrooms restricted by their measurements.

Chrome and anthracite grey models provide an urbane alternative to the traditional white radiator designs we’ve become accustomed to over the years. And, best of all, with our everyday low prices and 10-year ‘Fit and Forget’ guarantee, you’re bound to pick up a red hot deal that you’ll love for years to come.


What practicalities should you bear in mind when choosing a bathroom radiator? Let’s take a look at the three main principles that should guide your decision-making process.


Most of the radiators in our range are water-filled and connectable to your central heating system for a quick, easy and efficient solution. This can be a slight drawback in winter months, as it entails turning off the radiators throughout the rest of your house to enable your bathroom radiator to work in isolation. If you’d rather an easier, year-round alternative an oil filled electric radiator might suit you better.


Naturally, the bigger and less well insulated your bathroom, the higher your heat output should be. The heat output of radiators is calculated in British Thermal Units (BTU), which represent the amount of heat needed to raise the temperature of one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit. A family-sized bathroom will obviously need a higher BTU rating of radiator than a cloakroom bathroom. When you buy a bathroom radiator online from us, you can find the BTU of all our radiators in their individual product descriptions.


It’s common practice to fit bathroom radiators onto the exterior wall – the coldest part of the room – to cancel out any draughts. With double glazing and better insulation this is becoming less essential but knowing what sized radiator will fit your wall space is non-negotiable. We recommend speaking to a qualified plumber for guidance and employing them to carry out the installation.


At Bathroom Takeaway, we have several different types of bathroom radiator designs, available in horizontal and vertical versions, to suit the fit and feel of your bathroom. All of which are pressure tested and certified to BS EN 442 for the highest standards of safety. They also come with fixing packs, including all the necessary plugs and vents, to provide you with everything you need.


For the heritage lovers among us, why not indulge in some classic cosiness in the shape of some traditional Victorian radiators? These timeless column radiators can provide a truly distinctive, dramatic and downright decadent design feature in any bathroom.


Proving that radiators can be practical and pretty, our range of designer bathroom radiators are a style statement in their own right. Choose from a selection of single or double oval tube and flat panel designs in chrome, grey or classic white.


Our oil filled electric radiators offer a flexible heating solution for your bathroom. These versatile radiators give you the freedom to boost the heat in your bathroom from a self-sufficient and energy efficient source. This also makes for an extremely cost-effective choice.


Of course, no bathroom radiator is complete without the necessary valves to make it function accordingly. Our range of radiator accessories, including thermostatic and designer radiator valves, offer a beautifully ergonomic solution that puts control firmly in your hands.

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