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Kitchen Taps Buying Guide


In this complete guide to buying kitchen taps we’ll give you all the knowledge you need to make choosing kitchen taps a smooth and stress-free experience.

Just as taps are a fundamental style statement in your bathroom, they’re just as pivotal in the kitchen. Your kitchen taps are likely to get some heavy use and need to be functional and durable enough to handle whatever is thrown at them. But that doesn’t mean you should have to compromise on styling. You can have it all; kitchen taps that work beautifully and look fantastic.

Our love of high-quality tap designs spills over from the bathroom to the kitchen because we believe you should have access to the finest ranges of taps throughout your home. When it comes to the demands of a kitchen, you’re going to need some specialist taps that are truly fit for purpose. In this kitchen tap buying guide we’ll talk you through the options available here at Bathroom Takeaway.


When deciding on your ideal kitchen tap, there are several considerations to weigh up beforehand. The following details may not have occurred to you but, take it from us, they can make all the difference to your selection process.


One of the most important factors to consider is the type of spout you need. The most popular types are tilting and swan neck designs, which offer subtly different benefits. As the name might suggest, tilting spouts are renowned for giving you that extra bit of flexibility and versatility, while a swan neck tap perches higher above the sink to give you more room to manoeuvre.


The size of the spout is another consideration that can really alter the aesthetic of your kitchen sink. It’s all about proportion. For example, mono mixers generally feature more streamlined spouts than pull out rinser style taps. As such, if you’ve got a reasonably dinky sink, then proportionally a mono mixer will suit its dimensions better. It’s something to bear in mind when you’re browsing.


Another thing to consider is: which kitchen taps will give you the best control? Be it a single lever or a two handle kitchen tap. A single lever tap mixes the hot and cold water within the body of the tap, delivering the perfect temperature when the water emerges. A two-handle tap mixes the water after it leaves the tap, which has the benefit of stopping the tap from becoming too hot. Ultimately, it’s entirely down to your own personal preference.


When choosing your new kitchen tap, it’s also important to factor in the water pressure available to you. At Bathroom Takeaway, we include a recommended minimum water pressure rating in the product description of all our kitchen tap products. That way, you can quickly and easily find tap models that are guaranteed to work perfectly in your kitchen.


Remember the days of dripping taps? Nine times out of ten the root cause was a faulty rubber washer. Eliminate that risk by choosing taps that employ ceramic discs, which promise years of fault-free use and need just a quarter turn to make them watertight. Plus, all of our taps are constructed from brass and finished in chrome or brushed steel for an unbeatable combination of durability and elegance.


No kitchen tap buying guide would be complete without giving you a full run-down of the various types of kitchen taps available to you. The following ranges are the main types of kitchen taps that you’ll find here at Bathroom Takeaway.


Your kitchen tap is one of the hardest working taps in your home. Just think about how many times you’ll reach for it during the course of a day. Which is exactly why it needs to be right. You need a hard-working kitchen tap that’s effortless to use and stunning to look at. Mono kitchen mixer taps deliver massively on both counts.

Firstly, they’re wonderfully practical, with their single flow design delivering optimal flow and temperature control. They’re also incredibly easy on the eye, whichever design you choose from the vast array of options available. From detailed traditional taps to sleek modern numbers – in stainless steel, brushed nickel or chrome – there’s a mono kitchen mixer tap for you.


For added versatility, you might want to consider a pull out rinser kitchen tap. These highly functional yet incredibly sophisticated kitchen taps allow you to attack stubborn cleaning challenges with pinpoint accuracy and ease. Rinser taps have long been popular in the hospitality services for their tireless efficiency but have crossed into our homes thanks to elegant new domestic designs.

Forget having to scrub or soak your pots and pans, with these multi-functional kitchen taps you simply grab the pull out rinser and aim it directly at your target. This also adds a new level of cleanliness when it comes to rinsing your sink clean. We’re so confident that you’ll love your rinser tap that they, and all our other kitchen taps, all come with our 10-year ‘Fit and Forget’ guarantee.


Plugs and pipework are the unsung heroes of your kitchen sink, but they needn’t be as dull as dishwater. Our selection of chrome wastes and bottle traps come in an array of attractive designs are easy to install and are built from solid brass to ensure they stand the test of time.


With more than 200,000 beautiful bathroom products on display, Bathroom Takeaway has everything you need to create your dream bathroom. We keep our prices permanently low, so you can pick up a bargain and stick to your budget. We pride ourselves in making bathroom products affordable and accessible to everyone. Which is why so many satisfied customers rate us a Feefo Quadruple Gold Trusted Merchant.

When it comes to choosing kitchen taps, we’ve made the whole process as easy as 1-2-3. Simply pick out the perfect taps for you, pay for them securely through our online store, and wait the short time it takes us to deliver your kitchen taps directly to your home. We’ll even give you free delivery on orders over £299. If for whatever reason, you’re not completely happy with your purchase, we’ll give you our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Hopefully this guide to buying kitchen taps has given you plenty of food for thought. If you’re ready to take the next step, why not browse the complete collection at bathroomtakeaway.com. For further details about any of our bathroom products, please visit our Manchester or Birmingham showrooms or speak to one of our knowledgeable experts on 0333 305 8200.

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