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How To Prepare A Relaxing Bath

relax bath

Relaxing is something more people could do with doing more often. We all find ourselves hitting a limit with stress, either from work, our kids or even just day-to-day life and more often than not, we don’t do much about it.

We think taking a bath can be one of the best stress-relievers on the planet but not just any bath - hot water simply doesn’t cut it. It needs to be a specially made bath for relaxation, which has been finely tuned to perfectly suit you and we’ve got a few steps to help you make that a reality.

Get Comfy

First and foremost, to relax you need to be comfy and the most comfy bath we know is our Yang Luxury Freestanding Bath.

Yang Bathroom

Yang Bath

At 1675 x 780mm, it’s extremely spacious which keeps you fully submerged without feeling like you’ve been squeezed into the bath. It also looks absolutely stunning at the same time, meaning it’s practical and beautiful without being too ‘in your face’ – we like to think that it’s minimal.

That said, you don’t need a freestanding bath to be comfy, our range of double ended baths provide the comfort of a freestanding bath whilst remaining a similar size to single-ended baths.

Find The Right Temperature

Temperature is always a tricky one, too hot and you’ll feel dizzy and light headed but not hot enough and it’s obviously not a pleasant experience. Experiment with the temperatures until you feel like it’s just right, then dim the lights and get ready to enjoy!

Stay Warm

A key part to being comfortable is being warm, this means cranking up the heating, turning the radiators on and putting your towels, dressing gowns and night wear on a heated towel rail! Whether you’ve got a traditional, curved, straight or designer rail it doesn’t matter – it will do the trick perfectly!

Stay Warm

Gather all your essentials

Bath bombs are the easiest way to enjoy a bath, without having to faff around with individual ingredients. Pop into your local bath bomb store, such as Lush and find what you think is the perfect bath bomb for you. They tend to contain natural scents and minerals which your skin soaks up, making it feel and smell great!

Create Some Ambience

Spotify has some great relaxing playlists, otherwise you can make your own but try to keep it soft, calm and positive. For example, Slash and Metallica are hardly likely to relax you whereas someone like Birdy is more than likely going to help you relax. Obviously, music is very subjective so if Metallica is relaxing for you then go for it!

This playlist is pretty good to help you relax in the bath!

If you have any of your own relaxation tips then feel free to share them below!

By Peter Wootton 3 months ago 296 Views