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How To 'Halloween-ify' Your Bathroom

Bathroom Halloween

"Less is more", unlike with most holidays that phrase does not fit in with Halloween. It’s a time of year that allows us to go all out with decoration and get creative with Pumpkins, fake spider webs, skeletons and so on. Whilst it’s hardly supposed to be a happy time of year, it’s still a fun holiday – even for adults!

Whether you’re going out with friends trick or treating, hosting or attending a Halloween fancy dress party or just having a quiet evening, there’s always something to do for everyone.

Unfortunately, the bathroom is most commonly ignored and rarely gets a Halloween theme of its own, which is sad because the bathroom can lend for some really great (and terrifying) setups. So we had some fun in our studio with our Cordoba suite and decided it was time to ‘Halloween-ify’ it up!

Here is the final result!

Halloween Bathroom Suite

Cordoba was a great range to do this with as this particular suite is extremely modern and minimal, meaning we could do practically anything we wanted. We opted for simple spider webs, jars of (fake) blood and other creepy bits, blood prints, a body (who is a very much alive photographer) and pumpkins!

The Bath

We had a few plans for the bath but we had to keep in mind cost and practicality so we eventually turned to a simple yet frightening look! It’s easily replicable and here’s how:

  • Carve some pumpkins and distribute around the bath, add a candle to make them glow!
  • Make fake blood using washing up liquid and red food colouring for the handprint and patches of blood on the floor.
  • Scatter fake cobwebs around the tap and any freestanding item, like plants.
  • Either find a volunteer to ‘play dead’ and hang their hand out of the bath or find a fake hand for the same effect as our final shot!

Halloween Bath

Bathroom Pumpkin

Pumpkin Bath

The Basin

We had some fun with the basin and not only covered it in cobwebs but also filled the toothbrush holder with some green goo and an eyeball (which is actually a candle but it looked great!).

The green goo can be made from cornflour, hot water and green food colouring. It takes a few minutes to make and you can experiment with it to produce different shades and thicknesses.

Halloween Basin

Other Bits And bobs

For the toilet and towel rail, as you can see we covered them in cobwebs which actually turned out to look really good in a dimly lit room! The toilet appeared to overflow with spiders and webs whilst the towel on the towel rail was enclosed in cobwebs, which made it look like some kind of horrible trap.

We hung some more cobwebs from the roof (helpful hint: blue tack works perfectly) and decorated behind the bath with a couple of jars of the same fake blood as we used on the bath!

Don't forget to dim the lights – a darker room is a scarier room!

You can mix and match or do something completely new but hopefully, this has inspired you to ‘Halloween-ify’ your own bathroom! If you have any tips of your own then share them below or send us a photo on Twitter/Facebook and tag us in (@bathtakeaway and @bathroomtakeaway respectively) so we can see!

By Peter Wootton 3 months ago 282 Views