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How To Find The Perfect Mirror For You

Perfect Bathroom Mirror

Mirrors are much more than just an aesthetically pleasing aspect to a bathroom. Mirrors serve a very important practical service for you so it’s important to choose not only a mirror that’s suitable for your bathroom but also one which you love the look of.

However, this is often harder than it may seem. It’s all too common to find a mirror which you absolutely love but unfortunately cannot have due to a number of factors – perhaps it doesn’t match your basin or it’s simply too big. Either way, the perfect mirror can be difficult to find but we’ve got some tips to help you out!

Take advantage of mirrored cabinets.

Many people who are looking for a mirror, completely ignore the very existence of mirrored cabinets despite them providing extra storage space – which can only be a benefit. Whilst they may protrude from the wall a lot more than regular mirrors, they’re mounted at eye-level or higher, usually above a basin so the loss of space is minimal.

Mirrored Cabinet

Framed or Frameless?

This is an important point to consider as it has a huge effect on the overall impact that the mirror has on your bathroom suite. Frameless mirrors tend to be better suited towards modern suites, with an emphasis on minimalism. A frameless mirror in a traditional Victorian bathroom suite would look a little out of place but placed in an elegant modern suite and you have yourself a perfectly matching mirror.

Frameless Mirror

Alpha 800 x 600mm Illuminated LED Mirror with Demister Pad, £199.97.

Don’t forget about size

This is a crucial point that shouldn’t be forgotten. Accurate measurements are vital to buying a mirror, especially if you are in the market for a large mirror. Nothing is worse than getting home with a mirror which seems perfect, only for it not to fit. Spend a few minutes measuring the available space and taking into considering what a mirror would look like above your basin if it was to be either bigger or smaller than your existing mirror.

Mirror Sizes

Absolute 850mm Bathroom Mirror with Storage and Light Canopy, £114.97.

If you’re starting fresh, with a bathroom renovation then you’re not tied down by current styles which opens up a lot of doors for you! Want to see the whole range of mirrors, mirrored cabinets and LED mirrors? Click here for more.

By Peter Wootton 3 months ago 275 Views