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Electric Shower Buying Guide

Electric Shower Buying Guide

The relaxing warmth of a long hot shower makes it an essential feature of many bathrooms across the UK. So, whether you opt for the latest thermostatic mixer shower or an easy to install electric shower, it will be a more than welcome new addition to your home. For homeowners looking to remodel their bathroom, or upgrade their electric shower, the Bathroom Takeaway electric shower buying guide is here to help you make the right choices, so you can add the perfect finishing touch to your bathroom.

At times convenient and at other times indulgent, it is the electric shower that takes centre stage in hundreds of thousands of bathrooms across the UK. From a lengthy luxurious soaking after a hard day at work to hosing down the kids after muddy football practice, the ever-reliable electric shower offers flexibility and functionality to suit individuals and families of all shapes and sizes.

Whether you’re looking for practical low-cost showers or on-trend stylish electric showers, there’s a fantastic range of great-looking and affordable electric showers to choose from with Bathroom Takeaway.

Electric Showers Explained: How Does An Electric Shower Work?

An electric shower is made up of an electric shower unit, a nozzle, shower head, and the appropriate fittings to install the shower correctly. It works by heating up cold water to provide hot water in an instant, and unlike a thermostatic mixer shower, an electric shower only needs a cold-water supply to work.

Electric showers work most effectively in homes with high water pressure, as the flow of water passing through the shower unit can lose some of its force. Alternatively, a high power electric shower can help to give lacklustre water pressure a little boost, offering a more rewarding shower experience all round.

The electric shower unit contains a heating element, which is activated and controlled by the dials on the front of the shower unit. The heating element warms the cold water as it passes through the internal pipework of the shower, meaning you can wash your hair in comfort without waiting around or wasting any water.

Electric Shower Advantages

  • Hot water when you want it: An electric shower provides instant hot water, and because it relies solely on a cold-water supply there’ll be no sudden cold shocks when someone decides to fill the kettle downstairs when you’re taking your shower. When you shop for an electric shower look out for its kilowatt rating at either 8.5kW, 9.5kW, or 10.5kW. The higher the rating, the better the flow of hot water through your shower.
  • Quick easy installation: If you’re looking to give your bathroom a quick face-lift, you won’t get much quicker than a replacement electric shower. A trusted plumber can typically install a new replacement electric shower in less than two hours. Plus, most showers units have similar dimensions and multiple access points meaning that replacing your unit often won’t result in unsightly exposed drill holes or cracked tiles when installing a new upgrade.
  • Economical: With an electric shower, you only use the water you need. Without the need to heat a boiler before having a good scrub, and with many electric showers including an eco-feature to give you more control of the water and energy you use, you’ll see your shower helps to keep water and energy bills low.
  • Range of styles and finishes: Whilst electric showers do come in range of colours, the classic white electric shower design proves to be timeless. Pairing well with both traditional and modern bathroom suites, stylish electric showers help to complete the overall look of a new bathroom or en-suite.

Which Electric Showers Are Best?

When you’re choosing an electric shower, it’s important to choose a brand you can trust.

Mira Electric Showers: Check any ‘Top Ten Best Showers’ list and you’ll see the Mira name featured more than once. Outstanding quality and even better value, Mira electric showers are reliable in performance and versatile in design. Suitable for a range of budgets, choosing a Mira shower won’t disappoint.

Triton Electric Showers: Great quality at a good price, British-made Triton Showers are the preferred choice of electric showers for many customers across the UK and Europe. Available in a range of styles with unique features, a Triton shower will fit in well with your new bathroom suite.

Feeling closer to making a choice? Take a look at the Bathroom Takeaway range of electric showers here, and find out for yourself which electric shower is best for you.

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