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Bidets Buying Guide

In this bidet buying guide we’ll talk you through the basics of bidets to give you everything you need when choosing a bidet.

The bidet is undergoing something of a resurgence in the UK. Bidets first rose to prominence in the 1970s and 80s, after British holiday-goers returned from Europe wanting to track down a bidet like the ones they’d enjoyed in their continental hotels. By 2010 this trend had all but died out, with the country’s biggest DIY stores reporting sales of barely 500 a year.

But the bidet is back! Now, as the nation becomes ever-increasingly environmentally conscious, Britons are beginning to turn their backs on traditional toilet paper alone and turning to bidets as a sanitary addition to their cleaning repertoire. At Bathroom Takeaway, we’ve embraced the bidet and can offer several attractive and affordable models through our online store.

This guide to buying a bidet will explain everything you need to know about bidets, including the health and environmental benefits, as well as some of the practicalities of owning one.


Even now, there is still a slight shroud of taboo surrounding bidets. A bidet is essentially a low-mounted plumbing fixture, much like a floor-based sink or miniature bath, that’s used as a sanitation tool. Invented in France in the 17th century, the bidet has been widely adopted across the globe. Bidets are common in southern European countries, such as Italy, Spain and Portugal. The word ‘bidet’ means ‘pony’ in French. Whilst in Old French ‘bider’ meant ‘to trot’. Both of which playfully sums up the whole bidet experience.

Aside from conventional, standalone bidets there are several other types of bidets that are commonly used. Bidet sprayers (more on this later) are widespread across Asia and the Middle East. While Japan even has advanced combination toilet-bidets that wash, dry and warm up their users. Bidets are increasingly popular with older users and those with limited mobility, offering unrivalled independence for many. As such, market research analysts, Technavio, predicted that worldwide bidet sales could grow by as much as 5% between 2018-2022.


According to the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), the equivalent of 270,000 trees are dumped in landfills or flushed down toilets every day across the globe. Around 10% of this is thought to be toilet paper. Environmentalists have also suggested that the amount of toilet paper we collectively use could be stretched around the Earth every two minutes.

Bidets offer a paper-free solution that’s greener and cleaner. Washing in a bidet provides an extra dimension of hygiene, eliminating bacteria and providing a fresher all-round feel.


A bidet sprayer is a hand-held nozzle with a trigger that fires a spray of water to assist with cleansing. In contrast to an integrated bidet, a bidet sprayer has to be manually positioned. Bidet sprayers are common in countries where water is considered essential for cleansing, such as parts of Asia and the Middle East.

However, the defining element of the bidet vs sprayer argument is the clear and present danger of getting soaked with a sprayer. They require a certain amount of flexibility and dexterity compared to the more genteel approach required with a bidet, which simply requires you to fill the basin and wash as normal.


At Bathroom Takeaway, we have various different styles of bidet models to choose from. These integrated units correspond to other popular ranges in our collection of bathroom suites. Which means that they’ll complement the matching ceramic basins and toilets within your chosen range, for a completely harmonious overall look.

Some of our bidets offer a gently curved design, for a more feminine appearance. While others boast a more angular aesthetic and intricate detailing that is the ideal accompaniment to our line of freestanding baths and pillar taps.


Our bidets range in size, from 360-375mm wide and a projection of 500-590mm long, which means you can generally fit one of these handy units in most regular-sized bathrooms without too much trouble. In fact, while we certainly recommended employing a qualified plumber to fit your bidet, they will find that the fixture is extremely simple to install and shouldn’t require additional plumbing. Our bidets also feature a single tap hole, for you to choose a mixer tap of your choice. It really couldn’t be simpler.

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