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Benefits Of A Wall Hung Toilet

Wall Hung Toilet Benefits

Wall Hung Toilets are pretty self-explanatory. They're toilets hung to the wall but many people shrug them off as an unnecessary luxury when there’s so much more to them. Not only do they look great but they’re also extremely functional, making some tasks (such as cleaning) much easier!

Here are the top benefits of a wall hung toilet and why you should get one for your bathroom!


Cleaning up is just another necessary evil in our lives. It’s not a fun task (to most people) and it takes up a lot of time, time some people simply don’t have to spare. This, unfortunately, leads to many people ignoring their toilet for the most part, especially behind and round the bottom. Wall Hung toilets, fortunately, do not have this same strenuous cleaning method as there’s nothing preventing you from cleaning the back or bottom of the toilet.

Space Saving

Since wall hung toilets are not touching the floor, it gives the illusion of extra space. Not only that but with the cistern being within the wall, it’s not adding to the overall projection of the toilet meaning they tend to take up less physical space than regular toilets.

Toilet Frame

Our Wall Hung Toilet Frame comes with a dual flush and is compatible with all of our wall hung toilets. It boasts a solid steel frame and can be height adjusted to your liking.


There’s no argument that wall hung toilets look absolutely stunning, so it’s not surprising that more and more people are opting for them over close coupled and back to wall toilets. Some people prefer the ‘floating’ effect some give off, whilst others simply prefer their visual simplicity.

Energise Toilets

Our Energise Wall Hung Toilet Pan with Soft Close Seat is a great example of this. It sports a well-rounded appearance and is suitable for modern and contemporary bathrooms alike.

Hidden Plumbing

One of the drawbacks with all close coupled toilets is their unsightly plumbing and no matter how hard you try, it’s always visible. Wall Hung toilets have concealed plumbing which is still accessible with an inspection panel, keeping them from looking messy!

Many people shy away from wall hung toilets because of a lot of misinformation regarding their benefits so hopefully, this has helped you decide whether or not to buy a wall hung toilet! As always, if you have any other benefits you’d like to share then post your comment below!

By Peter Wootton 3 months ago 269 Views