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Baths Vs Showers

Baths Vs Showers

The age-old debate of baths vs showers has been on-going for many years. Whilst many of us prefer the simplicity and speed of showering, bathing has been all but forgotten and mostly used to relax, after a troublesome or stressful day. However, is one actually better than the other?

Which Uses Less Water?

A typical 5-minute shower uses around 45 litres of water in the UK, accounting for almost a third of our water usage each day. Which is a lot, however much less than what a typical bath would use – a whole 35 litres less! So unless you’re regularly taking 30+ minute showers on a daily basis, you’ll use less water that you would when taking a bath.

Which Is More Relaxing?

There’s nothing relaxing about being stood up, under hot water whilst trying to clean yourself which is why baths will almost always be more relaxing than showers. It’s not an everyday activity but when the time comes to draw yourself a lovely candlelit bath, possibly even in the peace and quiet, it’s a rare treat that must be enjoyed to its fullest potential. What’s better than a relaxing bath? A relaxing freestanding bath! Our Yang 1675 x 780mm Luxury Freestanding Bath is spacious (even for 2!) and looks stunning in any modern bathroom suite.

Freestanding Bath

Which Is Better For You?

There’s no right or wrong answer for this since both offer different benefits. Both baths and showers reduce the feeling of loneliness and the steam from both, can act as a natural decongestant for when you have a cold. However, hot showers are great for easing anxiety and sore muscles, whereas a cold shower is great for waking you up in the morning.

Which Is More Convenient?

Unless you have your butler draw you a bath, you’re probably going to find showers to be more convenient for you. In the time spent simply waiting for your bath to fill, you’ll have enough time to shower, dry off and probably even start doing your makeup if you took a shower instead. Showers are usually our go-to option for most days for this reason alone. Shower enclosures are great space savers and offer a place dedicated to showering, without the fear of getting your entire bathroom soaked. The Aquariss® 1200 x 900mm Offset Left Hand Quadrant Shower Enclosure is a great option, especially for family bathrooms in need of a large showering area.

Shower Enclosure

At the end of the day, neither are definitively better than one or the other as both have pros and cons. However, most of us still prefer one over the other since it’s mostly down to personal preference and more often than not, size restrictions. So which are you? Are you #TeamBath or #TeamShower?

By Peter Wootton 3 months ago 317 Views