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Baths Buying Guide

In this bath buying guide we’ll be giving you a wealth of insider tips about what to look for when buying a bath online.

We’ve been enjoying a soothing soak since ancient civilisations like the Romans and the Greeks made bathing popular. For good reason too, because can there be anything quite as relaxing as sinking into a steaming hot bath and letting the day’s frustrations and worries melt away? Yes, the humble bath is here to stay and here at Bathroom Takeaway we have the perfect one for you.


Baths come in all manner of shapes and sizes to fit both your lifestyle and your bathroom. From luxurious roll tops to practical shower baths, and even massaging whirlpool baths, Bathroom Takeaway has a comprehensive selection of baths for you to choose from. You deserve the best, so why not indulge yourself with your dream bath – it’s just a few clicks away!

To help you on your way, we’ve compiled this handy guide to buying a bathtub. In it, we break down all the different types of bathtubs available for you to buy. Each of which varies in size, shape and style; giving you plenty of options to tailor your bath choice to the overall look and feel of your bathroom. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular styles of baths on the market today.


Straight baths are the perfect all-rounder, blending stylishly angular lines and a functional fit for even the tightest bathroom floor space. Straight doesn’t have to mean straight-laced either, because our range of straight baths gives you plenty of on-trend options to choose from.

For an uncomplicated bathing experience, you might like to opt for a single-ended bath where the taps are situated at one end. This is the type of bath style that most people have grown accustomed to and offers a wonderfully neat solution for any bathroom.

If you’d rather something slightly different, and would like to do away with a ‘tap end’ altogether, then a double-ended bath provides a stunning alternative. Available in minimalist rectangular or curvy figure of eight arrangements, double-ended baths are the perfect union of style and practicality.


For sheer practicality and convenience, shower baths are hard to beat. The perfect marriage of functional showers and blissful baths, they really do give you the best of both worlds. Choosing the right bath is essential in any busy family household that demanding the multi-functionalism to cope with the footfall of kids, adults and even pets. This is where shower baths can give the whole household their precious time in the suds.

Shower baths are generally either P-shaped or L-shaped, which gives you the flexibility to add some extra room for showering and bathing at either the left or right-hand end of your bath, depending on what will suit your space. Our shower baths are available in a range of sizes, from 1,500mm up to 1,700mm, to suit all shapes of bathers and bathrooms.

Most of our shower baths also come with a glass shower screen as standard. Not only do these practical screens keep your bathroom dry when you’re showering, but the innovative 3M Scotchgard™ easy clean glass is designed to repel dirt, limescale and even oil.


For a breathtaking bathroom centrepiece, a freestanding bath is a genuine show-stopper. Our wide selection of roll-top and slipper baths make a lavish addition to any bathroom. If style and character are top of your wish list, then freestanding baths have both in abundance. Best of all, this type of opulent bathing experience can be yours for less than you think with our everyday low prices.

The iconic slipper bath is one of the most timeless bath styles around and dates back to the 19th Century. One end is characteristically higher than the other, which once served to protect the privacy of Victorian bathhouse bathers but now adds a certain design flair. While double-ended ‘boat’ slipper models up the ante further still with both ends raised for a more symmetrical look.

Our traditional slipper baths are cast from high-quality twin sheet acrylic and feature stylised chrome aluminium legs. Or we have ultra-chic, contemporary versions boasting gracefully minimalist curves and spacious dimensions. The collection also extends to smaller freestanding roll tops and more contemporary curved or angular designs, which go down to 1,695mm in length.


Bring the spa experience into your own home with our range of whirlpool baths. Convert your straight bath into a Jacuzzi tub and you can enjoy a luxuriant, all-body massage from eight strategically placed jets. Let this heavenly hydrotherapy knead away those aches, pains and stresses to the point of total relaxation. If it’s, sheer luxury, with an added element of fun, you’re looking for then a whirlpool bath is for you.

Available in a range of sizes, our Jacuzzi tubs are suitable for most family bathrooms. Our premium whirlpool baths are powered by a quiet 450w pump and can be accurately controlled by an easy-to-use air regulator. The latter gives you total control over the pressure of your jets, enabling you to tailor the massage experience perfectly to your needs.

Manufactured from durable 5mm leucite acrylic, these types of bathtubs are built to last. We back that up with a 2-year guarantee for your whirlpool system and our trademark 10-year ‘Fit and Forget’ guarantee on your straight bath. With most of our Jacuzzi tubs priced at less than £500, luxury bathing has never been so affordable.


An enjoyable bathing experience should be a right, not a privilege. Which is why we offer an extensive selection of easy access baths. Regardless of age or physical ability, our specialised walk-in baths and shower baths provide a fully accessible bathing experience. Built with safety and comfort in mind, our easy access baths come in several different sizes and configurations to fit most bathroom spaces.

Our gorgeous L-shape and P-shape shower baths are available in specially adapted models, which feature a walk-in door to facilitate easy access for those with restricted mobility. While for smaller bathrooms lacking the capacity to fit a full-sized bath, our easy access deep soak walk-in baths offer a universally comfortable and compact bathing experience.


Now that you know what to look for when buying a bath, you’re nearly home and dry (not that you’ll want to stay dry for long!). There are just a few more bath accessories to take care of before you can fully enjoy your new bath. Firstly, most baths don’t include front and end panels in the price. These need to be bought separately.

We have a range of acrylic or wood effect bath panels that will conceal unsightly pipework and dovetail beautifully with the overall look of your bathroom suite. You might also want to pick up one of our easy clean bath screens if you’re looking to add a shower to your straight bath. Finally, our numerous bath wastes deliver elegant solutions to dreary drainage.


We hope this bath buying guide has armed you with all the information you need to upgrade your bath. If you’re ready to dip your toe into buying your brand-new bath online, then why not browse our complete selection online today. For further information about any of our products, visit our Manchester or Birmingham showrooms or give our experts a call on 0333 305 8200.

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