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October 2018

By Admin 1 years ago 266 Views

Basin Buying Guide

A bathroom sink, or basin, is one of the key focal points of any bathroom. Of all your bathroom fittings, your basin is arguably where you’ll spend the most time. For that reason, it needs to right. Whether you’re looking for a traditional Victorian-style basin with full pedestal, or a contemporary semi pedestal basin with floor room to spare, Bathroom Takeaway has the perfect solution for you.

By Admin 1 years ago 305 Views

Radiators Buying Guide

Nothing spoils a luxurious bathing experience more than stepping out into a Baltic bathroom that’s more than a few degrees cooler than your body considers comfortable after all that wonderful warmth. This is when a bathroom radiator becomes less of a plumbing fixture and more of an essential ingredient to a relaxing bathroom experience.

If you’re in search of the warm hug of a heated towel and an ambient temperature that won’t have you sprinting for your bathrobe, then this radiators buying guide is for you. In it we’ll be giving you some pointers about what to look for when deciding on the ideal radiator for you, and introducing you to some of our favourite radiator models available here at Bathroom Takeaway.

By Admin 1 years ago 247 Views

Shower Trays Buying Guide

Shower trays are quite literally the foundation of any great bathroom shower setup. These integral components give you the sturdy, non-slip base for you to shower safely with complete confidence. While the accompanying shower waste takes care of syphoning away those soapy suds. Whether you’re fitting a compact shower for a petite en-suite or going all out with a plush tiled wet room, there’s a perfect shower tray to match your budget and ambitions.

By Admin 1 years ago 293 Views

Bidets Buying Guide

The bidet is undergoing something of a resurgence in the UK. Bidets first rose to prominence in the 1970s and 80s, after British holiday-goers returned from Europe wanting to track down a bidet like the ones they’d enjoyed in their continental hotels. By 2010 this trend had all but died out, with the country’s biggest DIY stores reporting sales of barely 500 a year.

But the bidet is back! Now, as the nation becomes ever-increasEditingly environmentally conscious, Britons are beginning to turn their backs on traditional toilet paper alone and turning to bidets as a sanitary addition to their cleaning repertoire. At , we’ve embraced the bidet and can offer several attractive and affordable models through our online store.

By Admin 1 years ago 321 Views

Mirrors Buying Guide

A strategically placed bathroom mirror can add that final flourish of style and sophistication to your bathroom, not to mention your hairdo. As part of our extensive selection of bathroom accessories, we have an array of stunning bathroom mirrors for you to gaze upon. From traditional bathroom mirrors, to storage-friendly mirror cabinets and ultra-modern LED mirrors, we’re sure to have a bathroom mirror that reflects well upon you.

By Admin 1 years ago 267 Views

Shower Enclosures Buying Guide

Shower enclosures come in all manner of shapes and sizes, providing a neat showering solution regardless of how big or small your bathroom is. For a compact en-suite, you’ve got space-saving solutions galore in the form of quadrant, corner entry, bi-fold and sliding door enclosures. While for larger family bathrooms, a walk in, wet room or full-blown shower enclosure suite might work better.