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September 2018

By Admin 1 years ago 337 Views

Thermostatic Showers Buying Guide

Thermostatic showers have done wonders for the showering experience. Their brilliance lies in the fact that if someone turns on a tap or flushes a toilet elsewhere in your home, your thermostatic shower maintains the temperature you’ve chosen. You won’t have to brace yourself for a freezing or scalding surge of water. Instead, you can simply relax and enjoy your shower in peace.

By Admin 1 years ago 273 Views

Bathroom Heating Buying Guide

Of the rooms in your home that really need to be warm, your bathroom sits high up the list. By their very nature bathrooms tend to be damp, humid, airy spaces. When you’ve just enjoyed a wonderfully warming shower or bath the last thing you want to be doing is tip-toeing around on ice-cold tiles and reaching for a lukewarm towel that does nothing to relieve your goose bumps.

That’s not fun, and you deserve so much better! Every aspect of you bathroom routine should be functional, relaxing and luxurious. With the right bathroom heating it can be. A well-placed heated towel rail or radiator can make all the difference, creating a much more hospitable ambient temperature for you to enjoy.

By Admin 1 years ago 276 Views

Basin Taps Buying Guide

So, you’ve found your perfect bathroom basin. You adore its shape and you love the fact that it’ll fit right into your bathroom and effortlessly match the rest of your bathroom fixtures. There’s just one thing missing though: basin taps. Finish off your basin in style with chic new basin taps that are not only durable enough to withstand many years of heavy use but do so whilst looking flawless at the same time.

By Admin 1 years ago 254 Views

Kitchen Taps Buying Guide

Just as taps are a fundamental style statement in your bathroom, they’re just as pivotal in the kitchen. Your kitchen taps are likely to get some heavy use and need to be functional and durable enough to handle whatever is thrown at them. But that doesn’t mean you should have to compromise on styling. You can have it all; kitchen taps that work beautifully and look fantastic.

Our love of high-quality tap designs spills over from the bathroom to the kitchen because we believe you should have access to the finest ranges of taps throughout your home. When it comes to the demands of a kitchen, you’re going to need some specialist taps that are truly fit for purpose. In this kitchen tap buying guide we’ll talk you through the options available here at Bathroom Takeaway.

By Admin 1 years ago 415 Views

Bathroom Suites Buying Guide

A beautiful bathroom suite is the centrepiece of every bathroom. You’ll be amazed at the stunning selection available from Bathroom Takeaway. With more than 200,000 bathroom products available at everyday low prices, buying a bathroom suite from us is as easy as 1-2-3.

By Admin 1 years ago 306 Views

Bathroom Furniture Buying Guide

Adding some stylish furniture to your bathroom can really pull together the theme of your room, creating a strong sense of harmony and balance. Functional bathroom furniture can provide various other benefits too. Whether it’s extra storage space you desire or that added designer edge, we have a wide range of bathroom furniture available at Bathroom Takeaway.

With so many options to choose from, which furniture should you pick? Well, there are several factors that will determine what particular range is going to suit you best. In this bathroom furniture buying guide, we’ll guide you through everything you need to know, as well as showcasing some of the beautiful bathroom furniture that you can find on our online store.