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Quadruple Gold Rated
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By Peter Wootton 2 months ago 180 Views

Ruth's Bathroom Makeover

Bathroom Makeover

Ruth was the lucky winner of a bathroom makeover with Key 103 and after lots of behind the scenes planning and grafting, we’re extremely excited to unveil her new bathroom to you!

By Peter Wootton 2 months ago 200 Views

DIY Natural Body Scrubs

When you’ve finished a long hard day at the office, there’s nothing better than slipping into a lovely bubble bath for some much-needed pamper time. Improve your down time by adding some skin care products into your pamper routine to help wash away the stresses of the day, adding a couple of lavender essential oil drops into your bath can be a great way to unwind before bed.

By Peter Wootton 2 months ago 277 Views

Shower Myths - Debunked

In the UK, people spend an average of 8 minutes in the shower per day. But how long should one really spend in the shower, should we shower daily or less, should we crank up the hot tap, or the cold tap? We’re all aware of these classic myths, but which ritual actually works?

Fear not, our team of top showerers have dug out the facts and debunked these age-old myths so you don’t have to!

Let’s take a look at them...

By Peter Wootton 2 months ago 212 Views

Parenting Hacks For The Summer Holidays!

As we all know, the British summertime weather forecast isn't the most predictable... so, which are the best rainy day activities? Firstly, don't panic! Our team of experts here at Kitchen Sync HQ have thought up some marvellously crafty and unique children's activities to help you get through the school summer holidays.

By Peter Wootton 2 months ago 87 Views

Introducing The Lima range – ‘Revival Of The Retro Bathroom’

When we say “retro” in terms of interiors we usually mean anything from the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s but don’t worry if you’ve never had a bee hive hair do, listened to Blue Suede Shoes on the wireless or even played your favourite Beatles track on a record player as there’s so much to love about the retro era and coupled with a modern twist looks absolutely fabulous.

By Peter Wootton 2 months ago 196 Views

How To Budget For A Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom Renovation

A full bathroom renovation can be an extremely expensive project to undertake. In general they can cost anywhere from £1,000 and up.

By Peter Wootton 2 months ago 205 Views

How To Replace A Tap In Your Bathroom

Replace Tap

One of the easiest ways to update your bathroom, without ripping anything significant out is by replacing your taps. It’s incredible how much of a notable difference they can actually make.

By Peter Wootton 2 months ago 187 Views

What To Do When You Need Inspiration

Bathroom Inspiration

Everyone has heard and mostly like used the phrase “I’ve hit a wall” during some point in their lives. Whether it be in or outside of work, there’s only so much we can do on brain power alone. Which is where inspiration helps to expand our ideas, grow new plans and create some truly amazing things – including bathrooms!

By Peter Wootton 2 months ago 192 Views

How To 'Halloween-ify' Your Bathroom

Bathroom Halloween

"Less is more", unlike with most holidays that phrase does not fit in with Halloween. It’s a time of year that allows us to go all out with decoration and get creative with Pumpkins, fake spider webs, skeletons and so on. Whilst it’s hardly supposed to be a happy time of year, it’s still a fun holiday – even for adults!

By Peter Wootton 2 months ago 198 Views

How To Make A Quick And Easy Pizza


Cooking something exciting every day is hard, often impossible but that doesn’t mean you have to be stuck with the same old food day-in-day-out. You can make a change to your routine without upsetting anyone with our quick and easy guide to making pizza!