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We believe that bathing should be an experience for everyone, no matter what their age or physical ability. Our specialist range of easy access and walk in baths is designed with safety and comfort in mind to take the worry out of bathing and provide everyone with a great experience. The practical easy access and walk in bath solutions we offer do not stint on style and the range features contemporary designs to suit any bathroom suite. This includes a selection of different sizes to ensure safe bathing is available in rooms of all sizes.

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Choosing the Right Bath for you

Easy access baths are available in a variety of styles and designs, and it is important to pick one that suits your requirements. All of our baths are constructed from high-quality glass fibre, with a gel coat layer, for durability. These types of baths are excellent for users with reduced mobility, as they negate the need to climb in and out. Hinged doors allow the user to walk in and out of the tub, promoting comfort and ease of use. Deep soak baths are effective walk-in bathtubs and are highly accessible to users with mobility restrictions. Their compact design not only promotes this function but makes them perfect for any small bathroom or area of limited space. Additionally, these easy access baths feature a raised area, to allow the user to sit and relax whilst the bath is filling. Twin waste pipes ensure that once the user is finished, they do not have to wait for long periods whilst the water drains away.

Furthermore, these baths come with a durable, easy to use door and are available with either right or left-hand access, to allow the user to walk straight into the bathtub. The bathtubs also feature a non-slip surface that promotes stability, enabling users who worry about falls to bathe in comfort. The features of our deep soak baths allow bathing to be relaxing and enjoyable for everyone. An alternative option to a deep soak bath is a walk in bath and shower. These mobility baths are luxurious, yet practical, and increase the accessibility of dual bath and shower tubs. Once again, the walk in bath is available as either a left- or right-hand variant, making it practical for a range of bathrooms and accessibility requirements. Offering the convenience of a walk-in bath alongside a mounted shower, this modern tub would make a great addition to any accessible bathroom.

The tub’s base is also typically non-slip, making it safe to use independently.

Quality Guaranteed

Bathroom Takeaway believes in high-quality products – it is why we are a Feefo Gold Trusted Merchant. Alongside a 30-day return guarantee, our accessible walk-in baths come with a 5-year guarantee (1-year sealant), to provide peace of mind and allow you to relax in your new bathtub.

Additionally, not only do we offer affordable low prices, but all accessible baths are eligible for free delivery, saving you money. Bathing should be a comfortable experience available to all, irrespective of mobility level. That’s why we want to make the purchase of accessible walk-in baths as easy as 1-2-3.