Oil Filled Electric Radiators

At Bathroom Takeaway, we offer a wide range of electric radiators, in a variety of sizes, styles and specifications to suit any bathroom space. With our everyday low-price guarantee, you can also be sure you are receiving the best price, everyday of the year, without having to wait for seasonal sales.

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Electric Wall Heaters

Radiators are an essential part of any household, in order to provide an efficient heat supply. At Bathroom Takeaway, not only do we offer a range of conventional radiators, that run off the central heating, but we also sell a selection of electric heaters, suited to any room in your home. Oil-filled radiators are a great addition to your household when a supplementary heat supply is required. Especially important in larger rooms, where heat may not carry, oil-filled electric radiators give your space the extra boost of heat it may need. Whether you require an additional heat source for the cold months or a boost of heat in a particular room for the summer, oil-filled radiators offer the ideal solution.

We are so confident in the quality of our products, that all of our oil-filled radiators also come with a 2 year ‘Fit and Forget' guarantee, so you can be sure that the products you receive are the highest quality, with repairs and replacements being few and far between.

Why Choose An Oil-filled Radiator?

Oil filled electric radiators operate through the use of an electric element, being immersed in oil, spreading heat evenly through the radiator, which is then emitted into the room through the process of radiation. Electric heaters offer a multitude of benefits compared to oil-free radiators, which is why they are so popular in household environments.

Known for their money-saving qualities, oil-filled radiators are extremely effective when it comes to energy usage. An electric oil-filled radiator turns all of the energy it generates into heat, offering extreme energy efficiency. The electric radiators are also able to retain heat for longer, meaning you don't have to have your radiators turned on for long periods of time.

Oil filled radiators are also self-sufficient, running off their own heating supply. This means you don't have to turn the central heating on, if you just to heat one room, further saving on electricity and energy costs. This also means the electric radiators heat up much quicker than others.

The oil-filled radiator also provides heat in a selected area. Instead of having to heat up the whole house when one room is cold, the electric heater allows you to heat the room you are in, without changing the temperature in other rooms, providing further versatility in your home.

Choosing An Oil-filled radiator from Bathroom Takeaway

At Bathroom Takeaway, all of our oil-filled radiators are produced from the highest quality materials, in order to ensure you not only receive the best value for money, but you also receive a product that will last for many years. Dependent on the style and size of your bathroom, there is a range of electric heaters from Bathroom Takeaway that is available in different sizes and styles, to suit your bathroom perfectly.

All the electric heaters from our store are wall-mounted, helping you save extra floor space in your room. Easy to install, the radiators offer a stylish fixture to your bathroom space.

The oil-filled electric radiators are also available in sizes between 577 x 461mm and 577 x 1017mm, so there is something to suit any size bathroom suite. The size of the radiator also influences the wattage for each one. The smallest, 577 x 461mm radiator offers 900W, whilst the largest electric heater features 2000W.

The electric heaters from Bathroom Takeaway are extremely versatile and easy to use, with an LCD thermostat for simple temperature control. With a built-in timer, it is also extremely easy to control the heat in your room, further adding to the cost-efficiency of the radiator.

Providing a simplistic solution to your bathroom space, the oil-filled radiators have all been manufactured in a clean white. This allows them to fit seamlessly with any colour scheme, without detracting from the style of your room.

Oil Filled Electric Radiator Specifications

All of the electric heaters available from Bathroom Takeaway have been manufactured in accordance with health and safety regulation, BS EN 4 42 and are also IP24 rated, meaning they have been certified as safe to be used in a bathroom. The electric radiators are also manufactured from a strong, aluminium body, to ensure the heater is durable and able to withstand everyday use. Aluminium is also known for its ability to conduct heat effectively, which is why the radiators can operate to high temperatures.

The oil-filled electric radiators feature a heat output between 900 - 2000 watts, dependent on the size of the radiator. All of the electric heaters can heat your room to any temperature between 7 - 35°C and they feature a frost protection setting for temperatures below 7°C.

The electric heaters from Bathroom Takeaway also come complete with an in-room sensor, that is accurate to 0.5°C and a built-in 24/7 timer, for fast and efficient heat distribution. The LCD thermostat features soft-touch buttons and a lock function.

Quality Assurance

Bathroom Takeaway is committed to offering customers the best value for money, all year round. This means you don't have to wait for seasonal sales in order to receive the best price for your products. We are proud to offer an everyday price guarantee, so you can be safe in the knowledge that you received value for money whenever you shop at our store. Couple this with our 2 years ‘Fit & Forget' guarantee across all oil-filled electric radiators, not only are you receiving the best value for money, but you are also receiving the highest quality products for your money.