Grey Radiators

Meet our collection of grey radiators, often referred to as Anthracite Radiators. Handpicked and expertly crafted to succumb to your every desire – with a selection of designer, modern and contemporary styles, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Coming in at two orientations, vertical; which is an increasingly popular design which runs from top to bottom and perfect for smaller bathrooms where horizontal space is limited but vertical space is in abundance, and horizontal; running from side to side and capable of positively changing the look of larger bathrooms.

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The anthracite grey radiators from Bathroom Takeaway are available in either vertical or horizontal orientation, to fit perfectly in a large family bathroom or smaller, cloakroom bathroom. Anthracite Vertical radiators are ahead of the curve, not only providing the ideal solution if you are short of space in your bathroom but also helping increase the stylish nature of your bathroom suite. Our range of grey radiators are sure to change the entire look and feel of your space, with minimal effort and cost.

All of the grey radiators from Bathroom Takeaway come with a 10-year ‘Fit & Forget' guarantee and an everyday price promise, in order to ensure all of our customers receive the best price for high-quality products, all year round, without having to wait for sales.

Choosing A Grey Anthracite Radiator

Our collection of grey bathroom radiators features a huge range of styles and designs, in order to fit perfectly with your bathroom suite. From flat panel to round and oval tube, there are both modern and traditional style anthracite radiators, to transform your space and create a bold statement in your bathroom.

The anthracite radiators from Bathroom Takeaway are also available in two different shades, light and sand grey, so you can create the perfect colour scheme for your space, no matter whether you are looking for a statement feature or a lighter, more minimalistic colour for your heating solution.

All of our grey radiators offer a powerful heat output, with a minimum of 1,000 BTU and maximum of 6,000. Therefore, no matter the size of your space, our grey bathroom radiators are effective in heating your room and creating a warm and cosy space, perfect for when you step out of the shower. The BTU output will depend on the size of your radiator. Our range of grey column radiators start in sizes from as little as 1200 x 360mm, whilst the grey horizontal radiators start from 600 x 600mm. Alternatively, for larger, family bathrooms, we have anthracite vertical radiators in sizes up to 1925 x 604mm and horizontal radiators up to 600 x 1260mm.

All of our grey bathroom radiators connect to the central heating, which helps with cost and energy efficiency. Central heating radiators are also beneficial, as they are heated centrally, to ensure your bathroom reaches the optimal temperature every time.

Product Guarantee

All of our grey anthracite radiators are manufactured with quality in mind, to ensure you receive the best product, that will last for years to come. You can rest assured, with our ten-year product guarantee, that your heating solution will last.

Browse our range of anthracite designer radiator range, to find the perfect bathroom heating solution.