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Vanity Units - Add Luxury

Luxury Vanities

Bathrooms are designed with not only aesthetics in mind but also the functionality. It takes more than just a fancy looking bath to create a luxurious bathroom suite. However, the general idea that achieving this comes at great cost and too much hard work has spread like wildfire despite it not being true.

Buying the right furniture is not easy, even at the best of times. If it’s too big then it can make your bathroom feel cramped but if it’s too small then it defeats the point of buying bathroom furniture altogether. You also want the furniture to tie in with the rest of the suite and make it feel more luxurious if possible.

Designing and finally creating the luxurious Bathroom suite of your dreams doesn’t need to take the form of a huge makeover. It can come in the form of many different smaller elements – such as Vanity Units.

bathroom suite

The understated look of our Serene White 600mm Vanity Unit & Basin makes it ideal for almost any bathroom suite and at just £199.97, it’s a very inexpensive way to add some luxury to your bathroom.

Why You Should Get A Vanity Unit

Storage space is often at a premium for many household owners, which is what makes a vanity unit even more desirable for many people. Due to the compact nature of vanity units, they’re installed around what is essentially a large cloakroom basin that rests on top of the vanity unit, which means you don’t end up losing floor space to a dedicated storage unit. The integrated draws also add valuable storage space to help keep your suite clean and clutter-free, with more than enough space for all your toiletries plus much more.


bathroom drawers

Cleaning is much easier since the basin is concealed behind the unit’s walls, which is great because you no longer need to bend and twist into all kinds of weird and wonderful positions to clean your vanity unit! Since it sits flush against the wall and floor, you’ll be glad to hear there are no unsightly fittings and pipework to be seen!



To summarise, vanity units are inexpensive and an extremely practical solution to everyone’s on-going battle with space in their bathrooms. Feel free to share your thoughts and any advice to make the best use of your bathroom you may have in the comments below!!

By Peter Wootton 5 months ago 921 Views