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The Most Annoying Things About Shower Curtains?


Refitting your bathroom can be a pain and one decision you must make is whether you want a shower curtain or not. We’re here to help you decide and offer a much better alternative but not before bringing up the most annoying things about shower curtains…

Mould/Mildew Builds Up And You Can’t Stop It

Mould is not nice but there’s very little anyone can do to stop it from building up in a warm and wet environment such as the bathroom. The conditions are perfect for it and it thrives. We can clean, scrub and bleach ‘till our heart's content but it only keeps it at bay for so long. There’s a certain point where your shower curtain gives up and succumbs to the mould (but only at the bottom for some reason). Your only option is to then say your goodbye and replace it…

‘Curtain Hugs’ Or Curtain Cling

This will make you shudder just at the thought of it. Due to the difference in air temperatures whilst showering with the shower curtain closed, air must enter from the bottom (hot air rises, cool air falls) of the curtain. This causes it to blow inwards and stick to your legs and body. It feels awful but there are two options to stop it.

  1. Add weights to the bottom of the curtain, or;
  2. Buy a ‘hotel’ style rod so the air can circulate better.

That ‘New Plastic’ Smell Is Actually Toxic Gases…

Have you ever opened a shower curtain package and been blasted with a very ‘plasticy’ distinctive smell? Well that’s actually toxic gases being released from the packaging… The culprit is ‘Polyvinyl Chloride’ (PVC). They can release Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) which can cause damage all the way from eye irritation to irreparable liver damage. However not all PVC containing products are toxic, many are perfectly safe. The only way to be sure is to simply not buy PVC shower curtains. IKEA is a good place to start as they banned PVC in 1991!

They’re Not So Great In A Household With Kids

Everyone with children knows how kids just gravitate towards things they shouldn’t touch. Many parents have gone through the headache of their toddler gripping onto the shower curtain for balance, only to rip the rail right off the wall. Regular curtains have the advantage of height (most the time) but unfortunately, shower curtains do not.

There are many more little niggles that could easily make it into this but we want to spare you from a rant about shower curtains and offer a practical solution to all the issues caused by shower curtains so you can be spared from the headaches many of us face throughout our life.

The Solution

Instead of trying to ‘bypass’ common annoyances with shower curtains, just get rid of them all together and buy a bath with a glass screen! They’re more expensive but they last much longer and look a lot cleaner since mould build-up is extremely rare and in the rare case it does occur, it’s easily cleaned with a cloth and suitable cleaning solutions.

We have a range of suites with Baths and Screens included which are perfect for small bathrooms, people who loathe shower curtains or for people wanting to avoid the hassle of a shower curtain all together!

If a Bath isn't your style and you prefer Shower Enclosures then even better! We even have a range of 'Easy Clean' meaning you'll have no troubles cleaning the enclosures!

By Peter Wootton 6 months ago 12011 Views