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How to Plan A Bathroom Layout

Bathroom Layout

The layout of a bathroom is one of the most important aspects of a bathroom plan. Do you put the toilet near the window or near the door? What about the basin? Or the bath? It quickly becomes a daunting task to plan a bathroom as once everything is installed, there’s no going back.

Whether you’re planning alone, with your partner or with your plumber, we’ve got a list of top tips to follow to ensure everything goes along smoothly.


Measurements are vital when it comes to planning a bathroom and it’s important to take as many different measurements possible and jot them all down. This way you get a feel for the available space so you can pick your suite/products with space in mind.

Bathroom Layout

Floor Plan

Floor plans are a great little tool to help visualise the overall layout of the bathroom. Create a basic sketch of your bathroom from the top-down, using measurements taken as recommended above. If you can, add the exact lengths to each line so you have a sense of scale when adding your new suites elements. Be sure to include any windows, doors (with their width and opening direction etc) and where certain pipes (such as your toilets soil pipe) enter the room. This is important to note down as it restricts where your toilet can be installed. Speak to your plumber if you wish to move it – they will be able to offer advice and a quote for the job.

Choosing Your Suite

Whether you’re looking for a bundle to make buying a suite easier or separate products to craft your very own, personalised bundle it’s important to make sure they will all fit in your bathroom.

We offer a wide range of suites, both with and without taps, with freestanding, straight and shower baths or even shower enclosures. All of which are handpicked to compliment each other without sacrificing on quality.

Our Splash Full Bathroom Suite with Taps is one of our bestselling suites and a great choice if you’re looking for a contemporary style on a budget. Coming in at just under £200, it’s a very inexpensive suite!

Bath with Taps

Once you have picked the products, this is when the floor plan comes in handy. Use simple shapes which are proportionate to the floor plan, cut them out and begin to arrange them in the room. That way you can have played with the overall layout of your bathroom with very little effort.

Once you have found the ideal layout, stick it all down and keep it aside.

Picking A Plumber (Not quite a layout tip but it’s good to know)

Perhaps the most important part of any bathroom makeover is the plumber. It’s preferable if you know a plumber personally, that way you can trust them with installing and creating the bathroom of your dreams. The last thing you want is an unusable bathroom and a plumber who you can’t get a hold of.

Showing Your Plumber

After you’ve found your plumber, measured up your suite and picked your products and chosen where you want everything to go, then it’s time to show the list of what you want to your plumber (before you buy!). They will be able to tell you whether it’s all compatible with your current plumbing or tell you what needs doing prior to this.

Show them the rough diagram along with the complete list of products and your measurements. They’re likely to take measurements themselves, just to be safe.


If your plumber has given your products the go ahead then you need to consider how much you’re willing to spend (again, not layout related but it’s important consider). Always add an extra 10-15% on top of the quote and some extra to cover any extra costs from delays etc. Better safe than sorry, right!

By Peter Wootton 9 months ago 453 Views