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Quadruple Gold Rated
Quadruple Gold Rated
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30 Day Money Back Guarantee
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Everything You Need To Know About Showers

Shower Information

Before buying a shower, it’s important to ensure that you know everything before making a purchase. It could save you from a lot of headaches later down the line and with various styles to choose from it can quickly become overwhelming so choosing the right shower is very important.

Cool Touch

As a forward-thinking bathroom retailer, we take advantage of modern technologies to improve your quality of life. One of these technologies is known as ‘Cool Touch’. This innovative technology means that unlike many conventional bar mixers when the shower is on the cold water runs around the inside of the shower valve before mixing with the hot water to create a valve that doesn’t heat up when in use – preventing unnecessary accidents.

Anything with the below badge features the ‘Cool Touch’ technology so keep an eye out!

Cool Touch Technology

Anti-Scald Technology

In addition to cool touch technology, our valves come pre-fitted with an anti-scald technology to ensure the temperature of the water is not accidentally set too high. Limited to a safe 39 °C, these valves require an extra step to go above the set temperature. Child-friendly and perfect for a family bathroom!

Our Thermostatic Shower Valves

We have a wide range of thermostatic shower valves, to suit a variety of styles however all have been manufactured to the same high standards so you can choose from a high-quality thermostatic shower, regardless of your budget.

Our thermostatic shower range includes:

One of our favourite thermostatic showers is the Della Thermostatic Shower Valve. It's the perfect example of a stunning minimalistic shower, with a rigid sleek riser and a gorgeous 205mm shower head for a true rainfall experience. It is perfect for simplistic bathrooms and is backed by our 10 years "Fit and Forget" guarantee for greater peace of mind.


Thermostatic Shower Head

Shower Head

Della Thermostatic Cool Touch Shower Valve, Rigid Riser & 205mm Shower Head

Slider Rail Kits

Our slider rail kits are perfect solutions to homes in need of a simple, elegant yet cost-effective solution to showering in their bathroom. These kits are made with simplicity in mind so you can enjoy a hassle-free installation and starting at just £19.97, they’re extremely affordable!

Bathroom Slider Kit

Splash Single Spray Shower Slider Rail Kit, £19.97

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