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Quadruple Gold Rated
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Everything You Need To Know About Baths

Which Type Of Bath Is Best For You?

No one style of bath is objectively better for everyone. We all have our own individual tastes and needs which we strive to cater for, which is why we stock a wide range of different baths. From single-ended baths to freestanding masterpieces, we’re sure to have something you’ll fall in love with

Straight Baths

Our straight baths are available in 2 different variations. Single and double-ended. This refers to the positioning of the taps, waste and overflow. In single-ended baths, the tap is at the end meaning you can realistically only lie one way whilst in double-ended baths, the tap is in the middle meaning both ends can be used. Perfect for small bathrooms and for those who want maximum comfort and practicality.

W@sh Single Ended 1700 x 700mm Bath, £99.97W@sh Double Ended 1700 x 750mm Bath

Shower Baths

Our shower baths are the happy medium between a bath and shower. Enjoy the convenience of a shower or the luxury of a lovely bath without having to install a separate enclosure for the shower. Make the most out of your bathroom and save space at the same time. We offer two types of shower baths, P shaped and L shaped. Both, whilst different in looks are equally as practical and luxurious as one another.

Energise 1675mm Right Hand P Shape Shower Bath with Screen and Panel, £229.97

Live 1700mm Right Hand L Shape Shower Bath with Screen and Panel, £234.9

Whirlpool Baths

Our 8 chrome-plated jet equipped bathtubs add luxury to your bathroom without a high price tag. The strategically positioned jets are perfect for soothing gardeners back or shopper’s feet in addition to a full body massage. With all the necessary pumps and pipework pre-mounted, it’s a simple plug and play installation so you can focus on relaxing in your brand new whirlpool bath. They’re perfect for busy families who are in need of flexibility.

Yang Single Ended 1700 x 700mm 8 Jet Whirlpool Bath, £349.9

Freestanding Baths

Our range of freestanding baths are the ultimate in luxuries for the bathroom. They’re large and deep so that you can sink into a blissful soak without any worries in the world. Regardless of your tastes, we have a wide range of styles to suit almost every need. From traditional slipper baths to the most modern and minimalist tubs, we’re sure there’s a bath you’ll love. Suitable for medium-large sized bathrooms, these tubs are perfect for suites looking for luxury and practicality at Everyday Low Prices.

Solitude 1700 x 730mm Traditional Freestanding Slipper Bath, £299.97

Yang 1675 x 780mm Luxury Freestanding Bath, £469.9

Easy Access Baths

This specialist range of walk-in baths are designed with safety and comfort in mind to take the worry away from bathing. These baths are built for those with restricted mobility and are fitted with a watertight door for easy access and safety. Available in L shaped, P shaped, single-ended straight and even deep soak styles, these baths are the perfect baths for people in need of increased accessibility without cutting back on luxury.

Lindley 1210mm Right Hand Easy Access Deep Soak Walk in Bath, £1,799.97Marsden 1700mm Left Hand Easy Access L Shape Walk In Shower Bath with Screen, £1,799.97

Always remember to check what is included with each bath before making your purchase as you may require a waste and/or panel.

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