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Bath Accessories Buying Guide

Bath Accessories Buying Guide

Welcome to our bath fittings buying guide, where we’ll be giving you all the practical advice and guidance you’ll need when choosing the right bath fittings.

The bath is dead, long live the shower…right?! Actually no. In fact, according to one YouGov survey, 14% of Brits enjoy a daily bath. Even for the majority of us that prefer to save an indulgent soak for a rainy day, 65% of people claim to luxuriate in the bubbles for more than 10 minutes. As you can see, the bath is still an extremely important part of British culture. It’s where we relax, revive and escape our busy routines. Long may it continue we say!

Of course, if you thought that all you needed to complement your bath was a loofah and a rubber duck, we’re sorry to be the ones to have to break it to you. Because there are just a few essential items that, as a proud bath owner, you should buy to get the most out of your bathing experience.

Thankfully, we’ve got all the necessary bath fittings you’ll ever need here at Bathroom Takeaway.

Choosing The Right Bath Fittings

Hopefully, by now, you’ve chosen your perfect bath and you’re ready to dive right in. But, before you can do so there are a few minor details to take care of first before you even dip your toes in. There are several different fittings for baths that you’ll need, which include bath panels, wastes and screens. In this guide, we’ll talk you through each type of bathroom fitting’s features and benefits.

Bath Panels

If you’ve opted for anything other than a freestanding bath, then it’s an absolute certainty that you’ll need some bath panels. These functional types of bath fittings play a pivotal role in hiding unsightly plumbing and pipework, as well as helping your bath to blend seamlessly with the rest of your bathroom décor. Bath panels come in a range of lengths and thicknesses to suit your requirements.

We have a comprehensive selection of front and end bath panels to suit all tastes. For that classic, clean look that will dovetail perfectly with any bathroom suite, our range of crisp, white acrylic bath panels is the ideal choice. Or if you’d rather the warmth of a natural-looking wood effect, we can supply MDF panels fully wrapped in walnut or grey wood finishes.

Bath Wastes

Bath wastes, the plug and pipework where your bath water inevitably pass through, have come a long way in recent years. Yes, you can still get the traditional plug and chain basin waste that we’re all familiar with. In fact, you’ll find a whole range of these types of bath fittings, finished in an easy-clean, highly polished chrome or even gold plating for a truly decadent effect.

However, you’ll also find a new breed of bath wastes at your disposal. Like supremely stylish and subtle press top bath wastes. These innovative wastes rely on a spring action to pop open and closed as you desire. Freestanding roll top style baths require a sophisticated waste and you’ll find the exposed chrome pipework of our dedicated pop-up bath wastes offer the perfect accompaniment.

Bath Screens

No offence to shower curtains but they have a nasty habit of harbouring germs and tend to acquire a mouldy fringe at their water-soaked edges. Bath screens not only offer a more hygienic alternative but they also look incredible too. For preventing puddles of shower spray, a designer bath screen really is a must-have item for any bathroom sporting a straight bath setup.

Our minimalist, frameless bath screens are made from durable 5 mm glass and come with polished chrome reversible fittings for a stylish and flexible installation. The 3M Scotchgard™ glass features clever water-repelling properties, which protect your screen from limescale, oil and dirt. No matter what you throw at it, your screen will always come up shining.

Where To Buy Fittings

If you’re wondering where to buy bath fittings, then wonder no more. Bathroom Takeaway is home to more than 200,000 beautiful bathroom products, including a comprehensive selection of fittings for baths. We’ve made the online shopping experience as easy as 1-2-3. All you have to do is choose your preferred bath accessories, purchase them securely through our eCommerce store, and we’ll deliver everything directly to your door (free on orders over £299). No more lifting and carrying your purchase in and out of your car yourself – we’ll take care of everything.

In the past, you might have been limited to buying your bathroom products at certain times of the year when the sales were on. That often meant trawling the different DIY stores in the vain hope of a bargain or two. With Bathroom Takeaway, we can spare you of all that hassle. With our Everyday Low-Price Promise, you’ll find our prices are already some of the most affordable out there. You won’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home to browse our collection either. This is stress-free bathroom buying at its best.

When you’re ready to make your purchase, our 10,500 pallet warehouse in Trafford Park, Manchester employs a whole range of cutting edge technology to despatch your order in full and on time. It’s all part of our commitment to giving you the most incredible products and services at all times that has led to our happy customers rating us a Feefo Gold Trusted Merchant. We very much doubt you’ll be dissatisfied with your order but if for whatever reason you’re not completely content we’ll give you our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Hopefully, you’ve found, this shower accessories buying guide, an informative and inspirational read. If you now know which bathroom fittings you’d like to purchase to add those crucial finishing touches to your bathroom, then why not browse our complete selection of bathroom fittings and more online today. For further information about any of our products, please feel free to visit us at our Manchester or Birmingham showrooms or call us on 0333 305 8200.

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