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4 Tips For Adding A Bathroom To Your Loft Conversion

If you’re in the process of transforming your loft into an extra bedroom, why not add an en suite? Here, David Knight, Digital Manager from roof window retailer Roof Windows 4 You, gives his top tips for adding a bathroom to your loft conversion.

Converting your loft can do wonders for your home. Not only will you be benefiting from the extra space, but incorporating another bedroom into your three-bedroom home could add up to 43% to its total value (Safestore). Plus, if you add an en suite to the new room, you could boost your property value even further. To help you get started, I’ll be giving you my top tips for building your own loft bathroom.

Finding The Right Windows

When deciding which windows to install, you should consider how practical they’ll be. Your bathroom can generate a lot of steam, so it’s wise to invest in PVC frames which, unlike wooden versions, won’t absorb moisture. These sometimes come with a ventilation system at the top of the frame that can let in some fresh air and remove the steam from the room, too. Some even have specially designed channels at the bottom that allow condensation to drain away. This means you’re less likely to have a build-up of moisture in the room, which can improve your health and reduce the likelihood of damp.

Choosing The Right Lighting

When it comes to finding the right lighting for your bathroom, natural light is always best. Your roof windows should let in plenty of natural light but at night, or if your bathroom is too small or an awkward shape, you can still use artificial light sources such as LED bulbs. These generate light that is similar to natural daylight and, if you choose spotlights, they can be fitted into the ceiling, so won’t take up any valuable space. You can also get water-resistant and waterproof versions that are the best option for steamy bathrooms.

Deciding Where To Place Your Bath And Shower

When deciding where to place your bath or shower, you’ll want to consider the shape and height of your room. A shower is best placed in an area where the roof pitch is at its highest to give you enough room to stand and for plumbing. However, baths can be installed in awkward places under eaves where the pitch is quite low, but they do take up more of your floor area.

It’s also worth remembering that installing a bathroom in your loft will take some added plumbing and your system may need to be upgraded with an extra pump to generate enough pressure.

Usually, when a toilet is flushed, the waste enters through a main drain line into the sewer or septic tank. When installing a toilet into your loft, the plumber may try to find a location above your existing toilet to connect it to the main drainage system. However, if this isn’t possible, they may recommend a macerating toilet, or an up-flush toilet, instead. This can help to connect the system to the main drain line, without having to move around the rest of your plumbing.

Adding The Right Storage

Because the pitch of you roof will be eating into your bathroom space, innovative storage solutions will be essential. Mirror cabinets are a wise choice for hiding necessities that you need within easy reach. For everything else, you can build bespoke drawers, cupboards, and shelving into those low ceiling areas that would otherwise go unused.

Converting your loft into an extra bedroom can really add some extra value to your home. Plus, by incorporating a loft bathroom to the new room, your property value can benefit from another little boost. The tips in this guide will help you get the most out of your new space to make it a bright, relaxing haven for you to enjoy.

By Peter Wootton 6 months ago 11931 Views