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Quadruple Gold Rated
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By Peter Wootton 5 months ago 366 Views

What Not To Do When Sharing A Bathroom

Bathroom Sharing Tips

When you live with someone else for the first time, things can become a little complicated, to say the least… The bathroom is a major part of our lives whether we like to admit it or not. We spend a good chunk of our mornings in there which is why you must be careful in what you do if you live with someone else…

By Peter Wootton 5 months ago 309 Views

Why You Should Create A Moodboard For Your Bathroom

Bathroom Moodboard

If you follow us on Pinterest then you probably know how much we love moodboards. We think they’re one of the best points of inspiration and the practical use aside, they just look downright stunning!

By Peter Wootton 5 months ago 306 Views

Winter Warmers With Bathroom Takeaway

Winter Heated Towel Rails

As the colder months approach, there is nothing more rewarding than wrapping up in a warm toasty towel straight from the heated towel rail.

Bathroom Takeaway has the perfect selection of heated towel rails to suit any bathroom, starting at under £20.

By Peter Wootton 5 months ago 327 Views

Winter Warmers: Shower

Winter Warmers

Winter has finally arrived and as we get deeper into the cold weather, our daily habits are disrupted and our morning routines are altered to fit the colder weather. However, our time in the shower rarely changes. They're usually are a heavenly place you can relax under but during winter it becomes one of the most dreaded tasks from our morning routine. To help make your mornings nicer (and warmer) we've got a few tips to share with you...

By Peter Wootton 5 months ago 373 Views

Bathroom Habits. Did You Know...?

Bathroom Facts

1 in 5 of us admit to texting on the loo but it’s not just the young ones that are getting social in the bathroom. Nearly 22% of the over 45’s and nearly 12% of over 55’s text when on the throne. With over 20% of under 35’s admitted to updating their social media status on the toilet, the question must be asked... Have our bathroom habits gone too social? Our survey from almost 2000 respondents across the UK has revealed that not only are we a nation of toilet tweeters but some of us will even answer the phone to our boss whilst on the toilet or in the bath!

By Peter Wootton 5 months ago 409 Views

Creating Your Dream Bathroom

Dream Bathroom

Everyone has a ‘dream’ bathroom but many people never actually get around to creating it. Whether it be through time constraints (remodelling with a family is a lot of hard work) or simply the cost of it seems unreasonable then you’ll be glad to hear that achieving your dream bathroom isn’t as far-fetched as you may think!

By Peter Wootton 5 months ago 272 Views

Create A Warm And Toasty Bathroom

Create A Warm And Toasty Bathroom

As the winter months are drawing in, having a nice warm bathroom is something we all appreciate even more. Toasty warm towels, soothing bubble baths and stepping out of the shower onto soft warm tiles are the perfect ways to create a relaxing bathing experience.

When choosing your new bathroom an essential part is deciding on the heating elements that you need to incorporate in your plans and discussing with your plumber and electrician the best ways to keep your bathroom nice and warm in the winter and cool in the summer months.

Many of the heated towel rails will come with their own thermostats so that you can decide whether they’re needed all year through or just in the colder months.

The electric element of the thermostats come with a temperature display so that you can monitor and keep an eye on what temperature suits your family.

Heated towel rails can be subtle and on the wall-mounted or equally in pride of place in your bathroom and make a statement feature.

Whether you’re looking to create a period style bathroom like the gorgeous Salzburg towel radiator or a contemporary chic look you can find a heated towel rail to suit your style.

Also make sure you look at the heating outputs of each radiator as there are variations.

Please do share your photos and heating or style tips as we’d love to hear from you and we hope you’ve found our post useful.

By Peter Wootton 5 months ago 383 Views

Cordoba - How To Get The Look

Cordoba Bathrooms

Choosing your bathroom suite can be particularly difficult when you have so much choice, especially if this is the first bathroom suite you are looking to buy, perhaps for a new home. It’s easy to get caught up in all the options which are available to you and even easier to forget about how you’re actually going to make it work.

By Peter Wootton 5 months ago 302 Views

Cold Spots In The Radiator

cold spots in radiators

If you are noticing cold spots in your radiator it could be due to a number of different things. However, you don’t always have to call a plumber for small things such as this. We will teach you how to spot what the cause of the cold spots are. Here is some advice on how to diagnose the problem and then fix it.

By Peter Wootton 5 months ago 303 Views

Christine’s Hotel Chic Bathroom

Hotel Chic Bathroom

Christine is retired and lives with her husband in leafy Altrincham in Cheshire. Her bathroom was out of date and needed modernising and became a great retirement project for the two of them to really get their teeth into.