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11 Tips on Bathroom Planning


By Maxine Brady, an Interior Stylist and Blogger at WeLoveHomeBlog

Are you planning a bathroom makeover at home? Then let our in-house design expert - Interior Stylist, Maxine Brady - walk you through her essential 11 tips on how to plan your perfect bathroom. These are all photos from Maxine’s own bathroom makeover in progress.

Tip 1: Don’t Rush Your Makeover

As tempting as it may be to makeover your bathroom at speed, I would always advise you take your time. In my case, I inherited a dull bathroom so I styled it up the best I could with plates, plants, a few shells and a nice white bathmat. Living with what you have will give you time to plan out your space properly so you will have no regrets when the work is all done.

Bathroom List

Tip 2: Write A Like And Hate List.

Keep a mental note of what you love and loathe about your bathroom space before starting building works. This will give you a clear idea of what you want to change in the room, and what you want to keep. I hated the loo in its current position and really wanted a shower. Get your plumber to quote for these various elements so you can see what you can afford to change in your room within your budget.

Bathroom Design Tips

Tip 3: Create An Ideas Board

Pinterest, Instagram and interior magazine are a great first port of call when gathering ideas for your new look bathroom. Call in lots of tile and paint samples and put them in your room to work out what works. I had mine propped up against my sink for months before. Having a clear idea of what you want for your room will help when planning out the finer details.

Plumber Advice Tip

Tip 4: Speak To Your Plumber

Get your plumber in before you start works. Talk to them about the layout, and where you want to move or add elements. Also, ask them to double-check your on-line bathroom order before you buy. A good plumber will want to do this so that that they have everything they need before works start.

Bathroom DIY Tips

Tip 5: DIY To Save Cash

To save money, ask your plumber if there are works you can do yourself. With the help of my dad, I hacked off all the tiles and the render, taking it back to the brick. All the flooring was ripped up and skipped. This saved about £300 in labour. The money I could put towards my new suite.

Bathroom Suite Tips

Tip 6: Squeeze in a shower

If you are looking to make your bathroom work harder, think about putting in a shower as well as a bath. You don’t have to have a separate shower; you could look to have one fitted above your bath. P-shaped baths are designed just for this very reason. You’ll find that a shower in the bathroom will add value to your home too.

Bathroom Suite Tips

Tip 7: Play Around With The Layout

When fitting your new bathroom, you don’t have to have all the suite in the same position. You can move things around to make your bathroom work better for you. In a small bathroom, look for a wall hung toilet and basin to free up floor space. If you are looking for lots of storage, then a sink with a vanity unit is ideal. I wanted a higher ceiling to be able to put in a showerhead and put a chunk of my budget towards it.

Bathroom Delivery Tip

Tip 8: Look For Speedy Delivery

When makeover your bathroom in a short time frame – look to order your suite online and get it delivered directly to your door. My whole Bathroom Takeaway Suite – including towel radiator and taps – was delivered within 24 hours. It was here so early, that we had to stash my roll top bath sat bubble wrapped in my living room. Having everything on site, in advance meant that my plumber wasn’t waiting around for parts to turn up.

Useful Bathroom Tips

Tip 9: Be Prepared to Move Out

When works are going on, you may not have a bath or running water for a while. You may want to look at staying with family or friends, especially if you have children.

Helpful Bathroom Tips

Tip 10: Stay On Top Of Your Project

Don’t leave everything to your plumber as he doesn’t know exactly what you want. Each morning chat to your plumber to find out what he is planning to do that day. Check your project at the end of each day, and be on hand to solve any problems. This will make sure your bathroom runs on time and on budget.

Bathroom Tip

Tip 11: Think Quick On Your Feet

There are 100s of little details that crop up on a bathroom remodel that you may not have had a chance to think about yet. What coloured grout should you have? Where do you want the sink to hang? Where do you want the tiling to start/stop? Plan as best you can in advance, you may find yourself making these choices on the spot – so be prepared to make rush choices.

Bathroom Tips

There you go, that’s my 11 tips that will help you plan your way to bathroom perfection.

By Peter Wootton 9 months ago 487 Views