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  • Bathroom Energy Saving Tips

    We're supporting Big Energy Saving Week 2022 to help you make the most of the energy in your bathroom, this handy guide gives you all the #EnergyKnowHow on reducing consumption in your bathroom!
    2022-01-18 09:00:00
    644 view(s)
  • A Handy Guide To Bathroom Plants

    Bathroom plants are a great way to not only inject some colour into your interior space, but they also carry many health benefits - including reducing dust levels, carbon dioxide levels and air temperatures.

    2022-01-10 07:30:00
    393 view(s)
  • Bring Your Bathroom Up To Date With A Sharp Monochrome Look

    Black and white is one of those classic colour combinations that will never go out of style and with contemporary bathroom vibes becoming more and more popular, why not consider bringing some monochrome features into your bathroom?

    2021-12-30 11:35:00
    620 view(s)
  • Winter Warmers: Shower

    As Winter continues to grow colder, showering may not be the luxury it once was as temperatures plummet but we've got some great tips to keep that showering-experience an enjoyable one!

    2021-12-15 08:58:00
    660 view(s)
  • Bathroom Glossary

    A bathroom glossary that can help you better understand bathroom terms that are commonly or less commonly used, and can be used as a guide for your next purchase.

    2019-10-28 08:41:00
    17864 view(s)
  • Waterfall Taps: Clean & Maintain

    Waterfall taps give every bathroom a sense of luxury, creating a relaxing, spa-like environment - therefore it’s no wonder they’re fast becoming one of our best sellers!

    2019-09-03 09:55:00
    4225 view(s)
  • What Is A BTU And Why Does It Matter?

    So, you’re on the search for the perfect heated towel rail or radiator and you’ve found one you love, that will look great in your bathroom space. So far, so good! But don’t forget one all-important question: how much heat will it actually provide?

    2019-08-12 12:03:00
    1080 view(s)
  • Freestanding Bath Buying Guide

    If you are looking at putting the wow factor into your bathroom, look no further than our range of freestanding baths. But with a huge range available, which style is the the right focal point for your bathroom?

    2019-08-12 10:35:00
    421 view(s)