Whirlpool Baths

Choosing a Spa Bath

The range of Jacuzzi tubs available at Bathroom Takeaway provide the perfect bathing experience. The whirlpool baths offer a luxury finish to the normal straight bath and feature eight powerful jets to give you a relaxing massage. The straight whirlpool bathtubs come as either single or double-ended and are available in a range of sizes, suitable for any size family bathroom. All of the jets are strategically placed, to provide a complete, full-body massage. With two jets pointed to the feet, two to the back and four to the body, you can be sure that no matter where your aches and pains may be, the whirlpool bath is effective enough to target and ease them.

Whirlpool Bath Specifications

All of our whirlpool baths come with a 450w quiet pump, further adding to the relaxing experience in your whirlpool bath. Manufactured from 5mm Lucite acrylic and to the highest standard, the tubs are strong, durable and built to last, meaning you can be confident that there will be no need for constant repair. As an added vote of confidence, all of our Jacuzzi tubs also come with a 2-year guarantee for the whirlpool system and a 10-year "Fit & Forget" guarantee for the straight bath, so you know the standard of the product you are purchasing is second to none.

Bath Accessories

At Bathroom Takeaway, we also offer a range of front and end bath panels, so your Jacuzzi will fit perfectly with the rest of your bathroom. Available in either gloss white, walnut or grey, there is a colour to suit any type of modern or traditional bathroom. Suitable for use with any type of bath taps, you can create a unified bathroom style, by choosing a matching bath and basin tap range.

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Jacuzzi Style Baths

Whirlpool baths are the perfect way of adding a touch of luxury to a family bathroom. Bringing a spa-like feel to an otherwise ordinary bathroom, Jacuzzi baths are the ideal way of relaxing after a hard day, help bring a sense of fun to bath time and are also a great source of hydrotherapy, helping maintain health. Often used to ease sore muscles, headaches and joint problems, such as arthritis, the Jacuzzi baths also help increase relaxation and alleviate stress. With such a multitude of uses, the whirlpool tubs are more than just a simple added luxury for your bathroom.

Choosing The Right Spa Bath

We understand that no two peoples bathing experiences are the same, that’s why our whirlpool baths come complete with an air regulator, allowing you complete control over the use and pressure of the jets, perfectly tailored to your individual needs. Easy to use, all of our Jacuzzi tubs are extremely easy to use and start with just the touch of a button.

In the past whirlpool baths have been prohibitively expensive and out of many people’s budget. However, our luxury whirlpool baths also come at a surprisingly affordable price. Starting from as little as £359.97, you can enjoy the spa experience, without the expensive price tag.