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Victorian Bathrooms Ideas

Victorian bathrooms have been prevalent for many years and the popular design trend shows no sign of slowing down yet.

The classic bathroom design can be a great way to show off your home’s original features, paying homage to quirks such as large wooden beams, high ceilings and wooden cladding. Even if you’re living in a newer build, you can incorporate some of these classic features into your renovation to add character to your otherwise contemporary interior space.

Our Art Designer, Sophie’s top tips on how to achieve the Victorian look:

  • "Whether you’ve moved into a period-style or contemporary home, the Victorian trend is all about making the most out of the building’s existing features - if you’re working on a larger home renovation, leaving a glimpse of the original design can be a lovely reminder of your home’s historical past. An old fireplace could be painted, tiled and filled with candles, creating a real focal point and sense of calm."
  • "My favourite part of any traditional bathroom suite has to be the freestanding bath, complete with traditional legs. When complemented by a classic close coupled toilet and basin, the whole suite ties together beautifully - whilst designing your bathroom, look for furniture with unique curves and angles, as these pieces often mirror period-style characteristics within the interiors."
  • "If your Victorian or Edwardian bathroom gets a lot of natural light, try and keep the colour scheme light. White walls will really set off any quirky features within the room, whilst a lighter shade of wooden or tiled flooring gives the illusion of more open space."

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