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Quadruple Gold Rated
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Scandinavian Design

Popularity in contemporary Scandinavian design has skyrocketed as home improvers replace Modernist monochrome colour schemes of white, greys and greiges. This trend, whilst incorporating some of the best elements of the Modern/Contemporary trend also adds Nordic style patterns and warm tones into the mix.

Most opt for a white and grey colour scheme with a partial wall separation, creating a new area for the bathroom or shower.

After ‘Hygge’ exploded as a British lifestyle trend, society has been seeking more inspiration from the easygoing Scandinavian way of life, more recently the Swedish philosophy ‘Lagom’ (meaning not too much but not too little, just the right amount) has come onto the scene. ‘Lagom’ can influence an interior space with practical storage solutions, minimal clutter and clean, open spaces.

Our Art Designer, Sophie’s top tips on how to achieve your Scandinavian bathroom:

  • "Scandi decor is all about practical fuss-free living, I recommend looking at back to wall and wall-hung toilets and basins - not only will these look very minimal in a modern interior space, but they are also extremely practical for cleaning. Consider getting an in-built vanity unit with your basin as a place to keep your products neatly stored away."
  • "If you want to incorporate a patterned floor into your new bathroom but are apprehensive about making a big statement, look for patterned tiles in neutral greys or browns such as the Berkeley Charcoal Tile from Topps Tiles - pair with a simple white metro tile for a subtle statement in your contemporary space."
  • "Adding lots of lovely, leafy green plants into space can be a great way to introduce colour into a modern setting, plants also provide us with oxygen which can lead to a better sense of well-being in your home - so the Scandinavians tell us!"

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