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Luxury Bathrooms Ideas

Avola Bathroom Suite with Freestanding Bath

With the rise in popularity of spa-style bathrooms, many are lusting after the Luxury bathroom trend as a way to bring ‘day spa ambience’ into their own home.

Your bathroom should act as your sanctuary, a place of calm where you go to relax after a long day at the office. It’s therefore important to pick a suitable bathroom suite, not to simply focus on a luxury bath, but also look into luxury toilets and ensure that your choice reflects the overall aesthetic of your luxury bathroom. A well-designed bathroom can add a luxurious feel to your whole home, so be sure to invest time and effort into this, often overlooked room.

Luxury bathrooms are all about neutral colours and natural, stone-effect tiles that create a calming spa-like environment, this "blank canvas" can then be adorned in accents and accessories that evoke luxury and personality - think candles, soft towels and hidden storage solutions.

Our Art Designer, Sophie’s top tips on how to achieve the Luxury look:

"Don’t worry if you’re working with a smaller space, even small luxury bathrooms can evoke a sense of well-being – take a look at double-ended baths, they take up less floor space than a freestanding bath and look just as sleek. Experiment with taps and consider installing a waterfall tap to instil instant calm."

"Luxury is a trend you can have a lot of fun with, this is a real opportunity to indulge and create your own personal sanctuary. Go heavy on those accessories - rose gold accents, soft pink orchids and rugs provide new textures that can really stand out against a neutral backdrop"

"Although the sleek Luxury trend incorporates smart storage solutions, I also recommend installing some shelves or alcoves to create a real feature. This can be a great way to show off some of your favourite possessions."

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